How much lube?

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  1. I work and guide at Langara Fishing Lodge over the summers, and have used a myriad of different reels from different manufacturers over time for fly fishing, and still use some larger reels as mooching reels in the salt (lots of guides use the Abel Super 12, for example). I have started to use Islander MR3's since our lodge gets a decent price break on them (and hands it down to staff) and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with cork disc fly reels and lubrication. I picked up some graphite lube, which many people have recommended, but I was wondering how much to apply, after I clean the cork's surface. Does anyone on here have experience applying graphite lube to cork-disc drags?


    And sorry for my absence lately, but our internet up there is weather dependent...
  2. Islander's web site has an online manual that describes cleaning and lube for each of their reels for all components. They even recommend what brand of lubes to use. Probably the best maintenance manual I've seen for a reel.
    MAINTENANCE - Wipe surface to remove excess oil and graphite.
    Apply a small amount of oil and powered graphite to the cork surface and work it
    in with your finger. -

    See References 19 and 20 for further instruction.
  3. Yeah, that's what I figured, as that's what I've done with other machinery I've worked with and similar products, but I just wasn't sure how much is too much or too little. Didn't want to over do it, or under do it. I'll give that a go and feel it out adding more if I have to but starting with a very small amount to play it safe.

  4. I had a couple of kick ass trips to Langara. Sucks that you have to 'work' up there.:)
  5. Hey! Releasing 14 good sized springs in search of the 'big one' is hard work! To be honest, until I started up there a couple years ago, I never thought I'd get sick of catching coho...

    But the people I get to meet and fish with, greet off the helicopters, and just be around for the duration of the trip make it all worth while. It's just a totally different experience that I look forward to each year.

    Maybe I'll see you up there again...

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