How to email thread?

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  1. First off, thanks for the update to the forum guys, it looks great! In the previous version of the forum I was able to click on a drop down and email a link to a thread. Where in the new forum can I do this? What am I missing?


  2. If you are using Inernet Explorer, click file in the upper left corner, go down 2/3rds in that drop down menu and hover over Send and when that expands to the right, choose Page by email or Link by email. Done!
  3. Thanks for the reply Ed. I'm using Firefox, not IE. I know that I can just copy and paste a link into an email, that's what my workaround has been in the mean time. Not sure if I explained it well enough in my previous post.

    Take this thread that I started for example. Let's say I wanted to share this with a friend. Within the WFF forum there were something like Thread Tools or Thread Options, from there, one of the options was to email a direct link to this thread. All the user needed to do was fill in who to send it to.

    Not a big deal, the workaround is obvious but I wanted to see if I had missed something with the new look.
  4. Works the same in to File, and hit "Send Link"

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