How to tie flies.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying Step by Step / Video' started by Old Man, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if you have ever thought of a section on how to ties flies. Like tying certain flies in a step by step format. One of the Mods (Jerry), had this on another webs site. It was helpful if you were to tie up something new.

    Just van Old Man asking
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  2. I thought that the Mods would pick up on this. When I was on the other web site it came in handy when tying up something new.
  3. I think a SBS / Video subsection of the flytying forum is a great idea. I'll raise my hand up if Chris needs a warm body to mod or do stuff for that section.
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  4. That's a great idea Jim. There are other nice sites with step by step recipes, but since this is the best forum it makes sense to add a section like that.
  5. Jim, this is a great idea. It's easier to upload photos and videos now to the site, so this should be pretty painless for those who want to contribute. Expanding on the fly swap idea - how to's and recipies could be posted as well as sending them through the mail. I'll chip in!
  6. OMJ, I will throw my hat in the ring to help herd these cats. I have several detailed patterns already formatted. It will not be that difficult to add step by step photos the next time I tie one of the flies. If Chris endorses the concept, I will post a sample and people can decide if it has merits.
  7. Great idea. I'd be happy to add content.
  8. Great Idea
    be happy to add a few
  9. Steve hard to think of something you tying not having merit
  10. Very good idea . It would be a great resource for new tiers everybody .
  11. I'm on board.

    Question is, would you rather see one main tying forum that has prefixes for (How To) (Swap) (Pattern) or should those topics continue to be broken out?
  12. I'd rather see them continue to be broken out. Makes it easier to get to what you want to see rather than wading through a bunch of posts.

    Thanks Chris!
  13. Cool! I think adding a SBS to the tying sub forum. I value the SBS shared by many talented tyers. Great idea Jim! Did I just type that? Yikes!
  14. Not many threads to pull over from the tying forum to seed this. If anyone wants to take lead in this section (kicking it off covering a topic, moderating, etc) let me know. There doesn't have to be just one person either.
  15. Chris, I will be doing a step by step of my Puget Sound Slider over the next few days. I will send it to you for your comments. I would be happy to help moderate this sub-forum.
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  16. I'm in as well though my ties aren't what most would say are worthy of SBS. I'll have to do some really sexy stuff now that I have more time.:)

  17. I can moderate what I do need to do?
  18. Great idea. I would like to have responded to Big-E and Old Man sooner but I have been "off the grid" for awhile. Always interested in a learning experience.
    Be glad to help.
  19. I love the idea of a SBS subsection.
  20. Hopefully we'll get some material added here soon. I'm still unpacking after my move and haven't got my fly room set up yet.

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