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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ray helaers, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. We were taking the boat over to Dry Falls yesterday morning, and we suckered ourselves into floating the Yakima instead. Seemed like a good idea at the time: the river was in better than decent shape (good level, 2-3' vis in the canyon); was going to mean a lot less driving; promised much smaller crowds; freinds we ran into at the truck-stop spoke of clouds of mothers-day caddis on Friday.

    Well. We did drive a lot less (home by 11:00 instead of 2:30). We did have the river almost to ourselves (shared Umptanum to Slab with 2-3 other boats). The caddis, however, were conspicuosly absent, at least on our float.

    We didn't get skunked, but did not have what I would call a great day (rose about a dozen, hooked maybe 8, boated 4 or 5). We did have a very good time coaxing some tough fish out of some impossible drifts, including one incredibly complex foam-eddie (a killer, very satisfying).

    So now I want to pick at the scab. Anybody else on the river yesterday? How'd you do? Should I have floated Ringer to Reds?

    AND (ouch!) how was Dry Falls yesterday?
  2. I was banking fishing near the Slab last night. Caddis swarming in the brush, but my ties just a little too big, didn't have much daylight and river just a bit high and cloudy. Those are my excuses for catching only two.
  3. Oh, and I also broke my rod seat.
  4. I was on the upper Yak near Cle Elum yesterday and managed to hook a nice 19inch bow hammering March Browns. There was a large hatch or March Browns and Caddis Mid-morning to Mid-afternoon. There was also a hatch of Salmon Flies. It is always easy to recognize these clumsy large flies buzzing through the air. I did not know that they were all that avail on the Yak. I sure see lots this time of year at the Deschutes but not so much on the Yak.


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