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  1. After countless hours of watching videos and reading books about spey casting and on river practice I have come to the conclusion I am going to quit trying to teach myself. I am taking a dam class this weekend with an instructor who can point out my casting faults. No more butchered loops, no more embarrassment of blown anchors and trying to cast in private in fear of peoples lulz.

    God grant me the serenity/skill
    to cast to the lies I cannot doublehaul;
    and the courage to spey the things I can;
    and the wisdom to know the difference.
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  2. Good idea - a good instructor can also check out your set up and give you a feel for how things match up.
    I should take another lesson. Pacific Fly Fishers near you can help.
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  3. I used a switch rod in the Methow March opener and my casts looked like a modified duck and chuck. There was a duck immediately before the chuck. I'm after lessons also but my reason is so I don't hit a rod tip with a fly.

    BT, the reason for your sloppy casting is I placed a curse on you when you beat me to that one 7 wt switch rod. I procured a voodoo fisherman doll, complete with voodoo rod and voodoo line and then stuck a voodoo hook point in your rod. That is why your casting does not improve. Pay me and I will remove the curse.
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  4. this alarms me because I have been using my 8 wt echo I acquired as well. Maybe one should get voodoo lesson because your really f'in me right now with this double rod curse
  5. Good idea on the lesson. I took one when I first started out and I'm still seriously spey challenged.
    I'm a danger to myself unless I'm river right.
  6. Oh no, I am in serious trouble. I have hard enough time with single hand casting and now I am throwing a Spey rod into the equation...

    I should heed you warning!
  7. I think a spey type cast with the right set up is easier than a single. I am a rookie - but it sure is fun
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  8. Best of luck! I like your casting lesson plan. Well played.
  9. Me too. The pic of my arm is from tuesday. I think the dumbbell eyes did more damage than the hook point. And yesterday I put a hook through my waders. All done river left.

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  10. Snap T my friends, snap T
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  11. Needs to be a well performed snap t.
  12. A lesson is a good idea. If you can follow it up with at least a week long steelhead trip this fall to BC, Idaho, Deschutes etc. Bring only your spey rods. I recall when I was learning - after those extended trips, fishing every day for 8-10 hours, was when things really started to click. A day here and there takes a long time to develop the muscle memory you need to execute good casts, in all situations, consistently.
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  13. Great call on only taking your Spey Rods. 2 years ago when i first started i dedicated myself to getting a steelhead on my Spey and spent three months dicking around in the Ronde without a fish to hand. But after some practice and pointers from a few buddies my first time down the next season i hooked 2 and landed 1! Even though people said less fish were in the river i had the best steelhead season of my life!

    Stay with it and you will be rewarded! Dont be afraid to ask for help, im sure i still look like a douche 99% of the time... one last thing SLOW DOWN! Thats the best advice that i have ever received!
  14. Well? How was the class?
    I went out tonight and was really happy with my casting using a full floating line. I put a heavy sink tip on to fish the runs a second time and that's when it all went to shit.
  15. Hi cuponoodle,
    Casting a heavy tip on a full floating line can be a nightmare, especially if Its a mid to long belly line, here on Speyside guys use a traditional method of a full sunk line or intermediate to get down deeper, when you go to cast just do a slow roll cast down stream and then into a normal speycast, the roll cast will bring the line onto the surface before the final change of angle cast, this way there is no hinging of the heavy tip, its easier to cast and your line and fly are at the same depth, we rarely use weighted flies in the summer but use a pretty mobile fly down deep using this method.
    Its a way of getting as deep as you will ever need with a mobile fly and no hinging of the line when casting as the weight is built into the line and is over a greater area........ ie the length of the fly line.
    Cheers Gordon.
    DTX Pro Staff
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  16. Bass_Turds, If you want to learn to speycast get an old DT line of the same designation as your rod, or maybe one weight heavier. Concentrate on single and double spey casts only. Don't expect to shoot line, just cast what you have out the tip and go fishing. You'll be able to cover at least 60' with minimal casting skill. The more you cast it the more you'll feel how it works. Skagit lines are the worst line to learn spey casting because everything is the same, strip to head loop and cast...and get locked into it. The DT will teach you if you let it, better than any speycasting instructor could!!

    I'll send you a line free of charge, just tell me about your rod. This Skagit line stuff is way over-rated and not a good way to learn to spey cast.
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  17. Go see Joe Ewing at Pacific Fly Fishers and go on a guided trip with him, by the end of the day you will be much improved.

  18. Did you hit a class? You coming East this fall? We could meet up on one of the bigger waters out here, and I think we could work your kinks out. And fish :)
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  19. ill be in Pendleton during the round up. should be able to squeeze some water time in
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  20. so did your lesson help, did you take a class, any update

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