NFR I know this is nonsense....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brady Burmeister, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Sweet! Mine said I belong in Oregon, my home state!
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  2. Oh crap, apparently I'm supposed to move to D.C. It didn't even give me a state! Vote for me in the next election.
  3. Colorado for me, but I'll pass. Washington has all I need. That and a 6 hour driving circle can put me on a LOT of good fisheries and into a LOT of good brewpubs!
  4. Georgia for me. Lived there once while in the Army, not a bad place but not the PNW either. Washington works for me.
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  5. Colorado also. Only been there once and I was drunk the entire time so I don't remember it.
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  6. That's odd. I'm supposed to live on planet Kling.
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  7. Shit, I'm supposed to live in New Mexico. I believe that the fishing sucks there. Maybe I'll take the test again.

    Edit: I did it again. I now should live in Nebraska.
  8. Holy god, it said I need to be in Florida... I like the fishing opportunities, but that's about all I like about that prospect. Washington has always been and probably always will be Home.
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  9. Funny, thats exactly where it said I should be, though I don"t buy it for a minute.
  10. My POS work computer's browser is too old and I can't take the test.... :( I'll guess WA or MT....or maybe UT. Fishing, skiing, mountain biking, beautiful surroundings. Check, check, check, check.
  11. I moved here from Colorado, where I lived from 1991-95. I guess I should have stayed put...
  12. I must not have been perfectly honest. The test results said that I belong right here in WA!:confused:
  13. Utah, damn - no more micro brews.......

  14. What about polygamy porter? Their catchphrase is "you can't have just one!"
  15. Nailed it!
  16. It said I should live in West Virginia ... wait a minute, I moved here from West Virginia 30 years ago ... to get away from West Virginia ... WTF? :confused:
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  17. I got the same thing and I just moved here a year ago. THEY CANT MAKE ME GO BACK.
  18. TB:

    I know about Wasatch and actually have a Polygamy Porter hat - which I don't wear very much.
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  19. Colorado for me. Wouldn't be so bad I guess.

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