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  1. Hey gang,

    I just looked at these nets today .... they are great nets for the money.
    Clear white bag ... or black rubber .... all lengths.

    Thought I would share ....
    Made in Maine by two retired school teachers ....
    Very competitive prices.

    As a disclaimer ... I have no connection with them.
    Just wanted to pass on a great find.

  2. Good find. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I had broken my old Brodin net and was in the market for a new one myself recently, so treated myself for my birthday.
    I found the Steven's website and phoned them and ordered one of their long handled pontoon style nets with the black rubber mesh.
    I was really impressed with this net when it landed on my doorstep - complete with a ribbon maple wood handle and multiple coats of smooth varnish. The black mesh is really nice and compliments the wood with the contrast.
    I liked it so much that I called them back to personally thank them for making such a beautiful, handcrafted item that I intend to enjoy using for years to come.
    I highly recommend them - and they're just super nice folks too. A retired couple - he does the woodwork and she cuts the mesh to size and sews them on.
  4. Here's my new Maine made Stevens net, alongside another craftsman's work who also hailed from Maine.
    F.E. Thomas learned the craft of making bamboo fly rods from Hiram Leonard - the inventor of the six sided tapered bamboo rod.
    Fred worked for Hiram before going off on his own in the late 1800's. He made this rod somewhere around 100 years ago (1915-1925). The cork grip looks new because it is. The rest of the rod is original, outside of being re-varnished somewhere along the way.
    I only show this because I thought others may be interested in seeing the really fine craftsmanship that has been coming out of Maine for so long.
    I can't wait for a chance to get the net a little dirty - maybe tomorrow!

    Stevens Net 1.JPG Stevens Net 2.JPG
  5. Those are really VERY nice little nets!

    Locally I have some from http://www.fisknat.com/

    Either way quality nets for sure, I do like the little details on the Stevens nets!

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