I want a new reel...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. I want a new reel
    One that won't make me sick
    One that won't make me crash my car
    Or make me feel three feet thick

    I want a new reel
    One that won't hurt my head
    One that won't make my mouth too dry
    Or make my eyes too red

    Seriously, I want a new reel for my little 8.5 4 weight. My Colorado crapped out and it's time for a new one. Nothing outrageously spendy but not a cheap piece of crap either. IIRC Ive got a new reel that he's head over heels about, maybe he'll chime in. I don't see the need for a large arbor for such a light rod, but maybe a mid arbor. It's been a decade or better since I bought a new reel, the ones I have are mostly Cimmarons and Gunnisons which they don't make any more. New Ross Reels are fairly spendy except their off-shore Flystarts...not interested.

    Help me out folks, surfing for a new reel just doesn't ring my bell this morning...Thanks.
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  2. I use a Hardy Featherweight on my 4wt. Simple and classic.
  3. How about a click-pawl reel like the Redington Drift or the new Orvis Battenkill? Not expensive, low price , seemingly durable.
  4. Some places still sell Scientific Angler System II reels. It looks like SA dropped the System II but they are still available at web sites. My wife and one of my fishing buddies have used a System II for many, many years and they work great. Inexpensive yet durable.

    Ross really screwed up when they dropped the Gunnison line of reels. Idiots.
  5. Not sure how much you are looking to spend Roper but I replaced an old reel of mine with an Abel TR 1, I like the reel so much I picked up another spool so I could use it on both my 3 and 4wt rods.
  6. Lamson Guru 1.5, Rio Perception WF4F, loaded on the reel to your door 284.95, Call Reds 509-933-2300

  7. 2nd the Orvis Battenkill, balances perfectly with my 8'4" 4wt Winston Think the new click and pawl are around $98
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  8. Rick, when I got my new Redington CT 8'5'' 4 weight I wanted to get away from my disc drag reels and go back to the familiar click pawl system I started with decades ago. The timing was perfect as Orvis had just announced that they would be building the new Battenkill in a bar stock click pawl model. I ordered immediately but had to wait 3 months till they finally started to arrive and got one of the very first ones. It was worth the wait. I had a new 444 peach DT 4 WT that needed a home so I spooled that up. I ended up with the Classic Trout rod, the classic click pawl reel(now better than ever) and the iconic double taper line to match.

    My first trip to the NF Coeur D' Alene confirmed my suspicions. On the 3rd cast I hooked a healthy cutthroat that immediately got out into the current and stripped line off the reel. The reel sang happily and I smiled broadly. This was trout fishing as it was meant to be-no mega buck rod woven of unobtainium and Kevlar, no gyro stabilized magnetically shunted disc drag reel and no trick $100 nano technology fly line. Just man and fish and the resultant broad grins.

    I bought the mid sized Battenkill II which weighs in at 2.9 oz and is rated for 3-5wt lines. The cost was a mere $98 and spare spools are $59. It's light and pretty and has a nice voice. Kinda what you would look for in a good woman.

  9. I like my Redington Drift. Have it loaded with a 3 wt DT. Only used it a couple of times so far, though, but I like it. Its light, good looking, and has a sweet voice.
    Ive's review of the Battenkill II might have convinced me to go for one of those instead. But he hadn't written it yet.
    The price of the Drift is about the same as the Battenkill II, so it would be interesting to fish with both of them on the same day using similar lines and rods, since the difference in price wouldn't figure in.

    I was fishing my med action 8' 4 wt and L.L. Bean Pocket Water click and pawl reel loaded with a 4 wt type 2 sinktip for searun cutts yesterday. It isn't as nice as my Redington Drift, so I don't mind taking it in the estuary. Its clicker is much louder than the Drift's, though. almost too loud. Don't think I'd want to use it in any place where loons or other fishermen would hear it and then converge on my location.
    And it has rivets in places where the Drift has screws. Because of that, it seems like it isn't as well built, but its still a good reel. Also, it is a small arbor, narrow spool design. I put as much backing on as I could to fatten up the arbor, though. A good searun cutt can really make it holler.
  10. Teton Classic reels look like a good Colorado replacement.
  11. Hey Cowboy, I would hold out for a good qaulity used Ross, Gunnison or Cimmaron reel. And in a perfect world the Ross San Miguel #3 is sweet indeed. And also discontinued . . . They still have the spools and parts for all them. The interwebs are full of good used, or even unused and new-in-the-box fly reels. Just a matter of doing a little shopping around. Some great deals out there.
  12. This year my tastes have really changed in rod and reel gear. This year I find those old fashioned rods, and reels soooo beautiful. I really am thinking of buying another 4wt to replace my modern sage. Though maybe a new 3wt is in order.
  13. Just for Shits and Grins, you ought to check out the reels at Allen Fly Fishing. I have two of these reels. Can't go wrong on the price either. But they ain't the Click/Pawl ones. But they still are nice. Light as a feather. Can't hardly tell you have a reel on.
  14. I have a Redington Drift for my 3 wt and enjoy it. After years of not having loud reels I'll have to admit I do find it a bit jarring sometimes. But I think it's a solid product. I also like the Lamsons for their smooth and very adjustable drag. (I'm not a big fan of the Ross CLA in trout sizes, and the Evo's are fine but too spendy for what they are, IMO, and too light (don't balance that well)).
  15. I have an early Allen on my 3 wt & I prefer it to the Ross on my 4 wt.
  16. There's so many to chose from. I have a 4 wt sage in platinum on a sage one. All from Stillwater
  17. Galvan standard 2.5 or 3.0 or an Older series Or is battle kill large arbor size II. I would be delighted to let you test drive one of each.
  18. I own an Orvis Battenkill II that's probably 15 years old and other than a few scratches and dings works as good as new. I slipped and dented the spool up on Kelly Creek. Leland at the Bellevue store sent it back to Orvis and they straightened it out. Works good as new and no charge! In the meantime I bought an Orvis Access II - basically the replacement for the disc drag Battenkill. A great reel for $150 and I expect it'll last forever.
  19. We all recommend what works for us's. There are a good selection here for you to go spend your hard earned Boeing Bucks on. Have fun spending my friend.
  20. I like the used/older Lamson's. I actually have a couple Velocitys that are amazing. I don't know the exact years, but they function amazing and one of them I picked up off FleaBay for 86 bucks shipped with WF4F in great condition already one it! I vote do a fleabay for a Lamson Velocity or better 1.5...I may even do a little search for ya and see what I find. I'll post back. Hard to go wrong with Lamson, they guarantee for life period. Send it in, and it'll be back fixed and in perfect shape. I have 3 Lamson reels (full disclosure).
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