NFR I would have lost it.

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  1. No way I could have kept it together....

  2. That is epic. As my father in law just pointed out, the bear most likely climbed back down after he got a whiff of the load this guy likely dropped in his pants...
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  3. Wow!!
  4. Whoa! You can quote that guy again.
  5. I would of rubbed shit all over that bear. I wouldn't have to search for it as it would of been in my pants.
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  6. Holy cow. I can't believe he was not freaking.

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  7. What a great video.
  8. Note to self--don't bother climbing a tree to escape a bear lol. Looks like he's on a platform of some kind?
  9. I cannot believe how FAST that bear climbed the tree...there's nothing that guy could have done if things suddenly took a turn...
  10. They were hunting out of a tree stand , and well armed .
  11. They're pretty cute up that close. I would've scratched it behind the ears and given it a piece of beef jerky.
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  12. THE definition of calm, cool and collected. Mad props.

    Alosa's right about the bear running up the tree. Escape a bear by climbing a tree? That one's off the list now, along with escaping a bear by already being in a tree. Apparently pointing a camera at the bear and dropping a load in your pants is what works.
  13. holy wowser
  14. Well, the bear wasn't so quick at going down the tree.

    It was a black bear. They are curious more than hostile.

    When a black bear sow and her cubs were living at East Lake in Oregon, the Mom wasn't shy about wandering through your campground if you where there or not.

    A young couple thought it would be cool to sleep at night on the shoreline of the lake "under the stars". During the middle of the night, the girl was awoken by a sniffing sound on her nose.
    Sure enough, it was the sow bear. The bear was sniffing the sleeping human. The camper freaked -- rightly so -- and scared the hell out of the black bear and she tore off down the beach with her cubs.
  15. That was an AMAZING video. The guy sure had guts to film that without dropping the camera. Mad props.

  16. Not only that: he was pointing his camera at the bear and not his gun.
    Not sure I could have done that. wow.
  17. love the last part, i would of said the same thing. :D

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