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  1. Hey all! I have an unusual request. I know most fisherman (myself included) seek solitude and peace and quiet while fishing. More often than not that involves getting away from the road, and doing a bit of walking. Here's where that becomes a bit less easy: A few days ago my girlfriend and I took a drive around Mountain Loop Highway, looking at the scenery and scouting spots that I could come back and fish/explore. We found a nice looking bit of water just off the road about 50 feet and decided to fish. She had never held a fly rod before that day, and never caught a fish, ever. Well, suffice to say, she's hooked now, and want's to learn how to fly fish. There is a bit of a catch however. She was born with multiple congenital heart defects, and it has a significant effect on her stamina, strength, and endurance. She is awaiting a heart transplant, but those are a bit difficult to schedule so for now we wait. Wading is out of the question, and so is any sort of real hiking or walking more than 100 yards or so.....

    SO, this brings me to my question/request: What are some not so secret spots that we could fish that don't involve walking a long ways, or wading? It is really fun to see her so fired up about something outdoors because throughout her life she has been more or less restricted to activities that do not require much physical involvement because of the health risks. I would really like to be able to get out and fish with her, if we can find some spots that allow it. She lives up in the Everett area but we don't mind doing a bit of driving. Thanks for any suggestions guys, I really do appreciate it.
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  2. Most of the state parks have a pretty short walk to the Saltwater beaches and with pinks coming in soon that may be highly entertaining. Or pick up a cheap boat and do some still water fishing.
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  3. Anyplace along the Yakima River. Easy access, not secret, a lot of spots don't require wading.

    Next option is find someone that will take you both out in a boat. That's probably the best bet for her! Kick down some beers to the boat owner and I bet you have a day.

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  4. Best of luck to your girlfriend, but my entire experience around fly fishing involves physical exertion. The best alternative I can think of is to take her fishing in a drift boat, like on the Yakima, and fish from the boat - no walking, no wading. She can learn to cast and practice on the lawn. Best of luck to you both.

  5. Thank you all, I appreciate the input so far. We are both aware of the physical nature of fly fishing, and that her limitations put a lot of water out of our reach, I'm just looking for a few spots that we can get out and enjoy on occasion. Thanks again.
  6. I agree, going with an experienced guide in a boat is a great way to get introduced to fly fishing. I took my wife out with Red's this spring, now she's hooked.
  7. How about rocky ford? I know its a little bit of a drive but I make it from spokane which I would guess to be close to about half way. I wish you where on this side of the state I know of a few spot's on both the north fork of the cda and spokane that are not that hard to get to. So I guess all I can say is if you are ever on this side of the state contact me and I will show you both some really good fishing. Good luck and I'm not surprised that she fell for it.
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  8. Do you have a boat, or one to pull one? If you say yes to either, than lakes are your absolute best bet for ease of access, comfort and fish catching possibilities.

    If you answered no than I will third/second hitting the Yakima canyon or the Ford.
  9. All good answers. I see some type of watercraft in your future. If catching Pinks just offshore when they arrive doesn't hook her, I don't know what will.
  10. Icicle creek outside of leavenworth (above the hatchery) has pretty good access, you may need to scramble down 50ft of giant boulders or so, but the creek is full of hungry trout, little guys (biggest i've caught to date was just over 12 inches) but for someone who is just getting into the sport its a blast.
  11. Not to rain on Selvar's parade, but no, stay off the Icicle; I fish this all the time, and there's no place that doesn't involve climbing down/up to the vehicle, over boulders in the stream, walking to access, and walking up the current. There's also plenty of private property that'll be marked "no trespassing", and you'll have to brush hop around it. While it looks enticing, it's not for people with mobility issues. Plus, there's no cell phone coverage in the canyon, not until you get to the mouth by Sleeping Lady-if, God forbid, you needed it. Her option is floating the rivers while you or somebody else is on the sticks. When she gets the new fuel pump, then is the time to put on the boots and go for it!

    Rocky's decent, but extremely hot with absolutely NO shade on the handicapped fishing dock. Take a lawn chair and an umbrella!

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