WFF If you have Unsold Items, think about Project Healing Waters

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  1. I've actually had an influx of requests lately. Had another one today, which sparked this thread. There are some of you who have flyfishing related sales ads that have been up for quite awhile, and not selling. If by chance it's something you just want gone, and would like the items to go into the hands of some wounded warriors in our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program, I'd gladly help you expedite that. I can take your item, get you an "in kind donation" letter from PHWFF, and you can write off your gift. I know some of you don't care about the write off, but some may. If you are out of the area, you can mail to me. If you're close, I'll gladly meetup with you. All I need from you is the item, with your name, address and worth of item. That way I can get the ball rolling on your "in kind donation" letter.

    Thank you all who have donated. And, if you opt to simply donate to the program then list for sale after reading this, that's fine too. :)

    Since I'm known enough, and my address is out there enough already, I'll make this easier.

    PHWFF NW Region
    C/O Jerry Daschofsky
    25902 70th Avenue East
    Graham, WA 98338

    Please include your name, address and worth of item(s) so we can do an inkind letter. :)
  2. Perfect! I was just thinking about this. I'll pm you.
  3. Jerry, I've got a few pairs of boots I already offered to Jason (for PHW), just haven't been able to deliver yet.
  4. Not a problem.
  5. jerry- please pm me the address you would like items to be mailed to.
    thanks, Stan
  6. Jerry, what would go over best or be needed most by the troops. You know I'll wrangle up something.
  7. This looks like it might turn out to be a successfully thread. Good for you Jerry
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  8. Actually, the donations I accept will benefit the whole NW Region. So almost anything can be used. We'll ship stuff off to the different programs in WA, OR, ID, and AK. But we can use about anything. Our program goes through probably the most. Mostly because we're a WTB (Warrior Transition Battalion) where the rest are VA programs (I think one of the Alaskan programs may be a WTB as well, not sure). With a VA program, you'll get same guys over and over usually, but a WTB the people will either be rehabilitated and sent back to their units (or into a totally new one) or medically retired. So we get new people in all the time. So we're constantly setting people up who stick with the program. But give rods, reels, tying stuff, etc. We use tying stuff the most, since we are a tying program and we burn up a lot every Tuesday just in the program at our WTB next to Madigan.
  9. Jerry drop me a pm..I have some items that I could pass on...
  10. Next time I head home for a weekend I'll go through and see what I can wrestle up. I know I have a 10' 6/7 wt Air Flo rod as well as a Scierra IC3 9' 6 wt that haven't seen use in a long time. Probably have a few other things kicking around as well. I'm in need of a good clean up of my gear anyway.
  11. Ok thanks Nick.

    Received two boxes already. Thank you.
  12. BTW, just did a change up with address. Wasn't big, and anyone who sent already I'll still get it. Just wanted to know off get go that package I'm receiving is a PHWFF package. This will help. Also, if you can put your moniker in the box I'd appreciate it. That way I can thank you here. :)
  13. Thank you so much for what we've received so far. Some of you have been VERY generous!!!! Just received a reel that blew my socks off (we have special plans for that one). Unfortunately, not sure who is who that sent me packages since I don't have monikers on the box. But THANK YOU to what we've got so far.

    One thing we can really use (which one of the donations did help a lot) is trout sized reels. Doesn't have to be super nice, just functional. We're getting a yearly donation of special built flyrods that we hand out to all the programs in the NW. Want to put reels/lines to them. But reels are something we are short on, especially in the trout size.
  14. PM sent

  15. Again, thank you all for donations. We can use and give out almost everything that comes in.

    And, you don't need to itemize worth of each item, all I need is an overall value of all contents in packaging. :)

    Thanks again!
  16. I noticed Healing Waters mentioned in todays News Tribune.....
  17. Oh? I know we've had some military PR coming to our program the last couple weeks. Wonder if it was one of them?
  18. Gonna send a vise your way, Jerry.
  19. jerry- do you still need more trout sized reels?

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