WFF If you have Unsold Items, think about Project Healing Waters

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Yes, we can always use reels. Waders are hit and miss now. We're pretty stacked up there. But we do get the rods and reels into the soldiers hands ASAP. I do believe we need a few more for a stack of donation rods we have coming. So can always use reels, especially trout reels.
  2. Ok, had a MAJOR problem everyone. I luckily have one guys stuff in my email box. But had a major Murphy's Law scenerio happen. My "In kind" letter to PHW never made it. Went to reprint them out and my file was corrupted. Was totally blank. So have to redo them all. Only problem, that was my saved info (on my harddrive). So if you sent me anything in the last 2 months, PLEASE do a conversation with me with your name, address and WORTH of your item. I don't need an itemized list. Just your name, address, and total worth of items. Thanks, I REALLY appreciate it. UGH.
  3. I have an extra Ross fly start 2 reel with line and backing on it, that i dont ever use or need. Its nothing special but a reel nontheless, i also have an extra vest if you need anything like that. Sounds like your good on waders thou ? Let me know if you think you could use any of that and its yours.
  4. Jerry - what about fly lines? Does one of the manufactures supply you or do you need them?
  5. Actually we have quite a few, but I'm supposed to go through and inventory with Chuck. Will get back to you. What kind of lines?
  6. Jerry, is the address in the first posting still valid to use for sending stuff?
  7. Yup, that' should be my mailing address until the day I die. LOL
  8. Jerry- can you update us on needs for the veterans? are reels still #1 on the list?
  9. Actually there's no high priority. Seems that when we get donations in there's a soldier who asks about same thing. Lol. Pretty much anything flyfishing related.

    I should add please don't send neopremes. We do get some. But they are super hard to get rid of. Even when they're free.
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