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  1. So yah, i observed 6 people plunking bait on a North fork river fishing for salmon. I decided enough was enough. After trying to call snohomish county fish and wildlife i opted to call 911. 911 Then transferred me to State patrol who seemed to not a give a flying Fudge doo doo. After being on the phone for 15 mins with state patrol and walking to the nearest mile marker for identification she told me someone from Fish and game would call me. After another 20 mins i finally got a call from a gentlemen at fish and game who asked me the questions of what was going on. He explained to me that he was on the south fork but his counterpart was in the immediete area and would provide assistance once we got off the phone. As we were rapping up the call the game warden showed up. I walked over to her window to let her know where the 6 culprits were. She had no idea what i was talking about. I explained to her that i had just talked to her fellow co worker on the south fork. She chuckled and stated i just stumbled in at the right time then.

    Well needless to say all 6 of them were caught in the act. Fishing for salmon, barbs on hook, and bait. Hopefully she went in dry on them.
  2. You had much better luck than I have in reporting such things. I have yet to ever have enforcement give a shit.
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  3. I would say that you did the correct thing. I applaud you for your tenacity and actions. Good work.

    So I realize that you probably don't give a big rat's behind about my
    opinion, I thought I would share them some kudo's with you anyway. :D
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  4. They say in Washington State to call on all poachers. You do and it takes an act of congress to get anything done. I called on some poachers fishing the N/F Stilly one time and I never saw anybody show up. But the game wardens will walk miles to check your licenses.
  5. Good stuff man. I would be the most ruthless game warden I'm tellin ya. Hopefully they all got tickets at least. I would take all their gear.
  6. Was this yesterday or this morning?
  7. Friday

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  8. Score one (or six) for the good guys. Glad you did it and posted the events here. Willing to bet this post will be in the back of the mind of anyone who reads this and witnesses something like this.
  9. Good job Bass!
  10. Actually, they do. Indeed, they very much give a shit. But, there aren't many of them, they have huge jurisdictions, their priorities set by management, and they get paid a salary for which most of them put in a lot of unpaid overtime. If you want effective game law enforcement tell your representative to vote the taxes to pay for the service. Contrary to popular belief, government provides valuable services and we have to be willing to pay for them. It is said that a fool knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. We can't have the services of government that we value if all we do is complain about the cost.
  11. You are not a rat you are a responsible citizen and more of us need to be like you.
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  12. Good job! I tried this spring. I took a pic of lic plate, but it was too far away and too blurry. By the time enforcement arrived they were long gone. They may have seen me take the picture and hauled butt.
  13. Well, I've read in this thread that enforcement DOESN'T care and that they DO care but can't do much about it. If I may opine a moment...

    First, kudos to BASS. I would say that your tenacity payed off, but it seems more like luck as it's told. Still a solid victory. Now...

    My personal experience with enforcement has been like OM's and Evan's. That is, where ever officials happen to be they hand out whatever tickets they can. With no real reason to molest you they'll just walk up and check your gear, bait, license, catch record card, etc. And the common experience when calling in poachers is like BASS's minus the happenstance of a game warden stumbling in. I'll wager she didn't get that call from the other warden BASS was talking to in the course of the event. Just luck of the draw. Note that I never said they don't care. I'm sure that as noted by dfl that they do but have too much ground to cover. So the only other explanation for poor response to poacher calls is stupidity and laziness. A quicker response system could be employed, we DO have cell phones now! And the chain of events leading to a talk with the right person could be edited. Some clerk in an office is much less likely to care than a ranger or warden in the field. Perhaps they just write the poacher call in a log for some official record and don't even dispatch an officer. Whatever happens, someone drops the ball because of inefficiency or sloth. When you consider that, short of arson or toxic dumping, poaching is just about the worst violation these people need to enforce. The system is broken. And when something is broken you replace the failed parts to fix it. Not only should there be a rapid response system in place for reported poaching violations, there should also be equal punishment for any employee that fails that system due to gross negligence. As facilitators they should be charged with poaching. That may seem unfair or too harsh, but it's not. As a painting contractor if I burn down some ones house I'm responsible for replacing it. If you blow off your job, a contract to perform a duty for money, and it results in damage then you have failed the terms of the contract and should be held accountable. That's how you replace the broken pieces. But first there needs to be an effective system in place. Since there isn't one now it seems that there are broken pieces in the administrative positions. So how do we fix that?
  14. Well done. Thanks for keeping with it, sounds like it ended up right.
  15. Good on you 'turds.. seems folks forget that doing the right thing is more difficult.
  16. In the first 10 days after the section of the Samish River where I live (I-5 bridge to the hatchery) closed to all fishing, each day I saw people fishing it out my living room window for the kings that were in it. So I walked out my back yard and down to the river to remind them that the river was closed to all fishing in this section. 8 of those days, the folks fishing responded that they were "just fooling around trying to hook trout", or "a guy who works at Holiday Sports told me it is open for trout", or "I'm just fooling around to see if I can get something to bite". Each time these folks were fishing with sandshrimp, buzz bombs, roe, or large spinners. I didn't say anything about the gear and lures/bait they were using, I simply told them that the river was closed in that section to all fishing and that I'd hate to see them have a warden see them and give them a ticket.

    The net result, was each of them left, some mumbling about it not being fair that someone knows the regs, or that WDFW ought to let them fish. But each one left, none of them yelled at or cussed me, and after that initial first 10 days of the river being closed, no other fisherman have been around. My guess is they told others that myself and some neighbors further upstream were out reminding folks the river was closed.

    If I would have seen any of them back again, I would have called them in and reported them. I would have done so as well if any of them would have ignored my friendly reminder and kept fishing. I just wanted them to quit fishing in a closed section of river and tell the folks they knew not to do so. because some folks who lived there were keeping an eye out for people fishing.
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  17. Nice job Bass. You can now go by Rat Turds if you prefer. Good for you for sticking it out in a lengthy process.
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  18. An appropriate response to an inappropriate (and downright illegal) situation. Well done.
  19. Right on! Glad you didn't look the other way.

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