In forks for a few days, steelhead help please

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by duecedad, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. duecedad

    duecedad New Member

    I'm visiting from Alaska for a few days starting Saturday and would love to catch some steelhead. Our runs don't start until late August. Any help would be very appreciated.
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  3. Befishin

    Befishin Member

    Just below the Bogy hatchery.
  4. duecedad

    duecedad New Member

    CooL my cousin-in- law knows his way around. He's just not a fly guy.
    I brought both floating and sink tip line. I'm a nympher at heart. Any specific techniques I need to know about?
  5. duecedad

    duecedad New Member

    Which river is best for walk-in/wade fishing? I brought waste high waders.
  6. FT

    FT Active Member

    The truth is any of them are best for walk/wade fishing. To find summer steelhead on them, just access the river at an access point (bridges, hatcheries, public fishing access sites) or walk a short distance through the woods. Then just read the water and fish the type of water steelhead like.
  7. duecedad

    duecedad New Member

    I will be on the bog this afternoon. Can't wait!
    Thanks for the info guys.
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  8. Let us know the results!

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