Interesting clip on wolf impact...

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  1. I think the stock market also went up....
  2. Just ran a cross this.
    BOISE, IDAHO — Idaho wildlife officials say it cost $30,000 to kill 23 wolves last month in northern Idaho.

    Idaho Fish and Game announced earlier this week the money is coming from licenses the agency sells.

    The agency last month said USDA Wildlife Service agents killed the wolves using a helicopter in the Lolo elk zone near the Montana border to improve elk survival in the area.

    It’s the sixth time the agency has taken action to kill wolves in the Lolo zone in the past four years. Forty-eight wolves have been killed in all.

    The state’s predator management plan calls for killing wolves when Idaho Fish and Game determines they are causing conflicts with people or domestic animals, or that they are a significant factor in declining numbers of elk or deer.
  3. As a side note to this, this is the first time in decades that the lake near Isle Royal has been completely frozen allowing wolves from Canada to come down to interbreed on the island, hopefully this will limit the inbreeding a little.

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