Interior BC and Vancouver Island

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  1. French Creek.jpg At the end of September, I blitzed up to Kamloops, BC for three days of rainbow fishing in the rivers around Shuswap Lake before heading over to Vancouver Island for some river and beach salmon fishing. All in all it was a great trip, but the rivers were in sad shape due to the drought conditions. The beach fishing on the other hand was amazing with lots of Coho and late Chinook pooled up in the estuaries.

    I have to give a shout out to the Nile Creek Fly Shop in Bowser, BC for hooking me up with a nice Mystic Outdoors 10' eight weight rod after my TFO BVK broke while fight a beaut of a summer run on the Stamp RIver.
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  2. On the interior rivers, we used Trout Beads, Glo-Bugs, Egg Sucking Leeches and glass beads. We fished the rainbows behind spawning salmon. It was nothing short of fantastic.
    Bow Dip.jpg Bob T.jpg Adams bow.jpg
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  3. Beach Coho.jpg I had to wade out about 150 feet from the beach to get to deep enough water to cast to the Coho that were literally flying out of the water all around me. I had jumping Coho and huge Chinooks rolling all around and I was the only one there.
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  4. This was the fly fishing sign at the Big Qualicum River. I tied some egg sucking leeches with a flame orange conehead and was not sure if I could actually use them. I didn't catch any Coho here, but did hook a few big Chinooks that I broke off to save having to buy yet another rod.

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  5. Just some other cool pictures.

    Close Up.jpg Bob T Fish I.jpg UW Bead.jpg UW Bow.jpg
  6. Great pics!
  7. Stellar report and pics!
  8. wow, rad!
  9. Very nice . I recognize one of those places for sure , and I think I know where at least one of the other photos were taken .
  10. From the looks of things, I would say that is a pretty accurate statement! Well done.
  11. Now that would be amazing! And thanks for sharing your beautiful picks with us.
  12. Re coneheads--what part of NO ADDED WEIGHT didn't you get??
  13. And heeeeere we gooooo........
  14. View attachment 19985 [/quote]
    Read it again. Sign says " no external weights"

    Vancouver Island is on the top of my must fish water. The problem is, there is so much of it. Guess I'll have to just move there.:)
  15. Fantastic pics and report
    Kelly Michelsen
  16. Read it again. Sign says " no external weights"

    Vancouver Island is on the top of my must fish water. The problem is, there is so much of it. Guess I'll have to just move there.:)[/quote]
    Says" NO EXTERNAL WEIGHT ATTACHED TO THE FLY" would also include lead wrap to shank--I THINK?
    Just a pointer-a Conehead is indeed attached to the fly hook at least on any I buy or tie.The idea is that one can't dredge for fish even unintentionally.You may not like the law but the idea of not dredging is a good one.I fish for Atlantics in NLD and one can't even use a weighted leader/fly or anything but a floating line-foe a good reason I think.IMHO
  17. Looks like a great trip!
  18. Not saying anything about how you fish (seriously, I do not intend this to be a personal attack), but most "fly fishing only" regs are rooted in a group of peoples touchy-feely beliefs about what "proper" fly fishing is. I have seen shots of some of the "dry line" only setups Atlantic Salmon anglers use and they would ride deeper than some of my wet flies on sink tips, IF the user was inclined to make it do so. I have read accounts of using 12' leaders and then tippet on top of that. Add on a 2/0 or 3/0 heavy wire hooks (especially if "sparsely dressed for summer") and (with one upstream mend) it's better than splitshot...

    Also don't get me wrong, I love dry line fishing, so I'm not bashing one method over another. Not at all. But if the regs were supposed to stop dredging...well they won't.

    As an aside, from what I read in the 2011 regs, cone heads would indeed be verboten.

    And why the hell are there no "Spoon Only" waters. I'm not kidding. Spoon fishing is an art.

    I need a drink....Captain! Captain! WHERE IS MY RUM!

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