Introducing a five year old to f.f.

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  1. First off, let me say that I’m sure patience and understanding will be the key. O.K. that being said, I’m sure there are some proud fathers out there who could maybe lend a little advise to a guy who hopes that some day his son (and eventually 3yr old daughter) will have the same love and respect for this sport/ lifestyle as we all do.
    Is it to early for lessons? I’ve been at it for around 15yrs and could probably use a few myself.
    Any recommendations for starter gear that can withstand a little punishment?
    Anything at all would be useful. I honestly believe that fishing and the love of the outdoors is what kept me out of trouble as I grew up and in this day and age kids need all the help they can get.
    One more thing…..what about wives?
  2. I have heard that most kids are not patient enough to fly fish until about 10 or so. I learned at age 12, and I was pretty stir crazy for the first year, but I got hooked.

  3. Hi, my son is 8 now and my daughter 6 and my son has used the fly rod for several years, however all he does is troll a fly behind the boat, I took him to lakes where I knew he would catch lots of fish and not get bored, It took him awhile to get used to a single action fly reel, he wanted to just keep reeling in, like a spinning reel and lost some really good sized fish, he is just starting to have enough arm strenth to cast the rod and get the timing down I believe he is still a couple years away from really starting to cast it, but he does like to use his spinning rod and wade the creeks, at this stage the wading and playing comes first and the fishing second. I have a Cortland CL 7'6" 4-5wt. rod for him. My daughter is just starting to use another rod I have a 7'4wt she is small for her age, but she enjoys it and she is the one who never wants to leave,"just one more time around Daddy" One time we were trolling by some guys on a dock at silver lake and my son hooked a 16-17 in rainbow and brought it in when he was 5, These 2 sat there saying Look at that kid he is using a fly rod what a stud. I really had to chuckle at that. Enjoy, these are the good time to remember and make memorys!

  4. I am trying to break the trend of first teaching kids to fish using a spinning rod. So I started taking my son out when he was two and a half years old and trolling a fly with him in the boat, that was last year. This year we went and just hung out on the lake, trolling a fly behind us with him holding the rod and adding all kinds of great action to the fly by trying to " cast the string" as he calls it. We have probably caught twenty or so fish this way together. The last time we went out he grabbed the fly line and started doing a great strip retrieve which resulted in him hooking a fish. I helped him land them as he is not strong enough or coordinated enough to do it by himself yet. While we are out there he learns all about entemology by asking about all the bugs in the lake and now he can name a pretty impressive list for a three year old. So my opinion is that it is never too early to take your kids flyfishing as longh as they are having fun. Get a cheap rod for all the fun and games!
  5. just remember, throw 'em back

    once again Cortland makes a great starter combo, 7'6" 4/5 weight rod that comes with reel, WF floating line, backing, leader and a cheesy little video. that was my first rod and it worked like a charm. good luck.

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