Iron Canyon Reservoir, CA

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  1. Has anyone ever fished here?

    It sounds intriguing. It's a reservoir fed by five creeks and a big tube of water that comes from Lake McCloud, to the north. Apparently when the reservoir is low, such as during the winter, the inlets where the creeks flow in can be dynamite to fish.

    The downsides are the remoteness and the crappiness of the road on the way in. I would probably be alone if I go here, and the possibility of getting stuck way the hell out in the middle of nowhere is something to be considered.

    So what I'm asking is:

    1. Has anyone fished here before? Is it worth the travel and the potential of getting stranded?
    2. How bad is the road actually?
  2. Travis,

    I have fished Iron Canyon many times although not for about a year so I don't know the current conditions. As to road it depends which way you intend to travel to get there, if you come via McCloud I have heard that can be kind of rough, I have never driven that way. If you go via Redding and 299 through Big Bend it is mostly paved and you should have a problem unless there is snow, the last few miles into the lake are steep and narrow so snow can be a problem. It is a typical stillwater in terms of tactics. PM me if you have any other questions.
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  3. Contact The Fly Shop in Redding. They're amazing, and there's a fishing report on it on there website,
  4. Replied in a couple of parts due to anxious fingers.
  5. Don't know much about it other than working on the construction of it as a pup. Heard the river upstream in the canyon can be dynamite, that one's on my bucket list.

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