Is anyone familiar with this brand of inflatable pontoons and rafts?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by chromefinder, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Is anyone familiar with this brand of inflatable pontoons and rafts?

    Qingdao Hailun Yacht Co. Ltd

    they seem to have quite the line up of fishing pontoons and rafts
    many pictured on link below.

    Wondering if anyone has specific experience with this frame-less version pictured below?
    Fishing boat HLS366

    It seems to be available for import here for approx $200 US

    I am wondering how this brand might compare to some of the stuff that is being marketed by domestic brands.
  2. that is literally the same thing as my scadden assult minus the seat and bags
  3. Wow, very interesting!
  4. that's what i thought...
    I wonder if Qingdao Hailun Yacht Co. Ltd is one of the manufacturers making this stuff for the Domestic resellers?
    And more importantly to me is how easy would it be to actually buy from them...knowing full well than any type of warranty and customer service would be next to impossible to utilize
  5. Yea, their site and model numbering system is cryptic as heck. I'm guessing you'd order one thing and get something completely different. I sure wouldn't trust it.
  6. Martyg could expand on this a little. But knowing from other customers there's only a couple manufacturers over there that do all the producing of these products. I don't follow the website of Scadden, does it say all of their products are made in USA? I know a company can spin that term.

    I also know that those companies only deal in bulk buy not individual sales.
  7. I would tread cautiously. We had a similar company poach photos from our web site and feature pricing that was way below retail and it turned out it was not a legit operation. The company featured here may be different but the look and feel are very close to the one that we dealt with. There are a number of great boat mfgs that are mentioned on this forum and the margins for mfgs are such that anything posted at super duper deals is probably sketchy at best. My suggestion would be to do your homework.

    Chris Callanan
    Outcast Sporting Gear
  8. Maxxon pontoons are manufactured in Qingdao, I dont know about other inflatables brands.
    I agee with above post mentioning the warranty/customer service issues absent a dealer rep over here on our soil. Over the many years I have been using outdoor adventure type gear, I haven't had any warranty issues with the products i have purchased here while manufactured over there. I have had shit break and things wear out, most of the stuff i use and abuse and it takes a beating.... made here or anywhere. I have purchased a lemon before, but of all the gear i have used throughout the years thats mostly made overseas... i think they do a pretty good job of keeping us outside and happy.

    BTW: buyer beware. ;)
  9. I am watching this thread like a hawk!!!
  10. Purchase experience can't be much different than what you get from the "reputable" dealer that is peddling those boats now......

    <insert pot stirring emoticon here>

  11. LMAO!!!!
  12. Not that I'd ever wish to go back to my old route (loved the customers, but man it was a ballbreaker), but if I could hunt down a couple of them they could tell me all the factories (again, like Martyg probably could too). There's probably more factories there now, but know that at one time you could get about anything made at a couple monster plants over there. Was funny how almost 15 different companies on my old route all had their products made by same place (and all had different products, some VASTLY different). Again, as mentioned, it could be the company stealing photos. Guess only time will tell.
  13. BTW, only reason I know they were all made by the same place, is that I delivered their samples to them. All sent international. Had a few times I almost misdelivered packages thinking that the package belonged to another customer, until I read the label (loaded right by the other stop on same shelf).
  14. This one kinda looks familiar as well.

    I still have yet to get any responses back from the quote requests i sent out on a few models...

  15. Many times, shipping labels or Customs Docs make it appear as if the goods are made in the same factories, but often those are the names of an import/export business. Those types of businesses are used to ship goods for lots of reason, including by small companies who may not have the expertise, but they are also sometimes used by savvy customers who don't want the name of the actual factory known. Otherwise, people can easily look it up...



    Product Description

    Arrival Date

    3100 KG


    Port of Loading
    Ching Tao

    Port of Discharge
    Long Beach, California

    Vessel Name
    WAN HAI 508

    Bill of Lading

    Voyage No.

    Carrier Name
    WAN HAI 50

    Carrier Name

    Marks and Numbers
  16. But for myself, I know the ones going to my customers weren't coming from a Chinese Freight Forwarder/expeditor, but the factory itself. :) Nature of my job. lol
  17. Any response from this company yet?
  18. I'm not sure of your source (meaning if you actually found the source for Zebec boats, or if the photo was poached), but iirc Zebec is the parent for Star Inflatables.

    I have/use the star frame fittings on the suggestion of board user Shapp, and am quite happy with them. Though I'd much rather have a nice American made boat, I'd have no problem rowing a Star/Zebec made anything down the drink.

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