Is Cabelas fly rods any good?

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  1. Cabela's still had the Redington CT's on sale a couple weeks ago for 89.95... that is a great rod and price. We're bringing my grand nephew on his first trip to MT this summer and my brother just picked up one for him.
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  2. Only thing that pisses me off about cabelas is that they fluctuate the prices so often on there rods. Given point that redington ct. I consider it price gouging.
  3. Last year Redington let tons of those rods go to the closeout market when they changed to the Tempt. Current prices seem to reflect that poor decision on Redington's part. After getting them for $60 is hard to go back to paying ~$150.

    My feeling is that Cabela's got ahold of a batch of the 2012 models at a good price is retailing them accordingly.
  4. A local guide once told my "Any fly rod is a good rod, some some are better"
  5. Well, then you won't be buying most cabelas' rods, because their standard warranty is one year. The warranty is for defect in workmanship and materials, not slamming it in a car door, running it over, your dog chewed it to hell, etc. They are pretty darn cheap (low cost).
  6. So I have tested and broke a lot of rods throughout the years. "High End" rods have faired no better than "Low End" rods as far as breaking/falling apart, I can break them all. In fact right now I have GLX out for repair after the tip broke while fighting a fish and my Echo Carbon has broken on my 3 times now within moments of being used. In contrast I also have an early generation St. Croix that I've fished hard now for the last 20+ years that is still fishing strong (it landed over 60 fish last Tuesday). With that after that recent broken GLX and a broken Cabelas TLR (Which Cabelas replaced with no issues) I absent mindedly grabbed a rod from a bunch that I laid up in my garage during a recent inventory. I honestly thought it was one of my higher end rods and I stung it up with a floating line that I thought would match. Once on the water I started casting it and was very impressed with the performance as it easily turned over a 12' leader, indicator and double fly rig. In my mind I couldn't remember the rod casting as well as it was so I happened to look at it. It ended up being a Cabela's Cahill 5wt that I had picked up on sale for the Seattle Children's Camp I volunteer for. At the time the rod/reel/line combo was just over $40. Now it is $60 but I'm sure it will go on sale again.;cat104793480;cat104721480;cat105571980

    I have now experienced enough low end rods out performing high end rods that I will now have to seriously reconsider purchasing a higher end rod and or repairing one for $35-$50, when I can get the same effect for almost less money and a fairly decent warranty.

    Now This may change at any given moment, because I can be flighty that way.
  7. That has not been my experience. I brought in a cabelas rod I bought on CL and then broke, may have been 5+ years old, they couldn't replace our repair it but gave me store credit (not much but better than nothing) with no hassle, no proof of purchase, nothing. Only trouble they had was finding a price. I even told them it was my fault, they didn't care.

  8. You could be right. However, I have noticed that Cabelas always hikes the price up on there rods by 10 or 20 bucks when certain holidays or events come around that attract more shoppers. What cabelas is doing is noticing this and looking at it as a way of making an extra buck by hiking up the price temporarily for a period of time like memorial day weekend for example. That is price gouging hands down. When a holiday weekend is over the prices come back down. Most big chain stores do this.
  9. Just got my 2014 Cabela's Fly Fishing catalog and noted the new (I think it's new) "American Dream" rod... Made in the USA. Anyone know who's making these for them?
  10. Are you a member of the Hell's Anglers?
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  11. I'll give you the same advice I give everyone who is unsure whether a piece of gear is right for them: Buy it used. Try it. If you don't like it, resell it for what you paid for it. Don't worry about warranty - just be careful with your rods and don't break them. Many of us rarely or never break them.
  12. I used to use a GL3 9' 5wt. I broke that rod three times. With the way they replaced rods back then. No matter how good I took care of it, it still got busted. My TFO 7'9" finesse rod a 3wt got broke about the same many times. They got broke just stringing it up or just casting. Or maybe the rod had a blemish that you couldn't see. Hitting your rod when your casting also makes for a break down the road.

    I never buy used gear because you don't know how that person took care of gear.
  13. I have a Cabellas Wind River Rod I bought a couple years ago when I retired and wanted to return to fly fishing after a 40 year hiatus. For the money, which wasn't much, its been just right. I bought an entry level reel (also Wind River) at the same time that had a defect that surfaced after several months, which Cabellas replaced, no questions asked. I'm pleased with all my dealings with them.


  14. How is the Echo? i was looking at a Echo solo as well at one time.

  15. Those are good 5 and 6wt rods. not to mention i hear 2-4 i think in those wts too. :D

  16. I was curious on that as well, i also asked when bass pro was getting there fly catalog out, still got in a few months by the email. :(

  17. I did not like the echo solo's because they felt to heavy in swing weight to me. Very much like a pool cue type of feel. Granted that was an 890-4. I do not know if there other rods are of the same feel in swing weight.

  18. I see, i think they go 4wt,5wt and 8 wt if i am not mistaken. to heavy wouldn't be a good thing in my opinion.
  19. If you want a great all around rod then look at the TFO Professional II series in a 590-4.
  20. I've been fishing a LSI Two Hander for a while now and its actually pretty nice. Easily on par with the Dually and some Echo rods.Its pretty fast, I heard they were built off Sage TCX blanks. Not really any complaints for $200.

    And Cabelas glass rods are pretty nifty. I like my 5 weight for SRC fishing.

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