Is Cabelas fly rods any good?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Akuriko, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Is the Duelly a redington?
  2. Talking about Fly rods, i am also curious anyone hear any good bad or good on the Allen Brand of Fly rods? there heritage and there compass has cought my eye.
  3. Your rod breakage dilemma has to do with an out of proportion catch ratio... this is correctable...shoot me a PM if you need help making the corrections :D. And, while those "low end rods" may in fact be equal to or exceed their high end cousins, the forum will definitely think less of you if observed using them -- seriously, we do have standards.
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  4. I was also curious if the orvis encounter rods are any good.
  5. I bought one of Cabelas big, top of the line reels for a trip to Mexico. It was ok for several days. Then I caught a couple of fish using it.
  6. Akluriko,

    You continue asking if particular rods are any good. The short answer is yes, most modern fly rods are good. Probably less than 5% are junk, and that can't be nailed down precisely because in the final analysis it is a matter of personal opinion whether a particular rod's action "feels" good to the person casting it.

    If you blindfold yourself and reach into a bin of random fly rods, it would be an accident if you pulled out a bad rod. There are good rods and bad rods all up and down the price point line. However, of the few lemons, or bad rods that I encounter, most of them are low priced rods and only a few of the bad ones are high priced ones. So a person looking for a good cheap rod would be well served to seek the advice of experience, recognizing that personal taste will be an over-riding consideration factor.

    So, to answer your next question if such and such a brand rod is any good, shit yes! It's a good one too, just like all the others you asked about.


  7. I have a few brands i like however i was asking for a few starter brands like echo solo witch was answered by another poster on this forum, i also asked about cabelas and found out most of the warranty is only 1 year warranty, I asked because i am trying to help a 23 year old disabled girl get her first fly rod and make it work properly for her. My naibor's grand son went through 4 starter type fly rods and they all broke within 3 weeks of use, she cannot waste $450 dollers like my naibors grandson who is 15 years old did.

  8. Yes. Its there newest two-hander

  9. Very cool, i will check it out, on a another note i asked bass pro there policy on there in house brands of fly fishing the warranty to see if there good, this is what they said to me in a email.

    Thank you for contacting We truly appreciate your business! Bass Pro Shops brand rods are warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase against defects in materials, workmanship, and against breakage under normal fishing conditions, to the original purchaser. This warranty is void if the rod is in an abused or misused condition and does not cover "normal wear and tear." Rods manufactured by other companies need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement under warranty after 60 days from date of invoice.

    then i emailed Cabelas this is what they said

    We would be happy to assist you with your recent inquiry.

    All of our Cabela's brand fly rods have at least a one year warranty. The RLS Fly Rods carry a 10 ear warranty. The L Tech, LST, PT+, XST, Sli, FT+, HMG Fenwick, and FT fly rods have a 25 year warranty. We hope this information is helpful.

    then i asked who made the american by cabelas and the warranty they gave me the warranty info only. lol

    The Cabela's American Dream fly rods have a 25 year limited warranty
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  10. Cabelas emailed me today said they cannot tell us who makes there america made rods, its against there policy, i asked bass pro about there vanguard they said the vanguard is made in vermont, i assume its orvis and they said its warranted for 1 year, lol
  11. The 3wt CT is my summer small trout rod. I liked the 3wt so much I decided to buy an 8'6" 5wt CT as a back-up/loaner rod.
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  12. how about their spey reels? I won a cabelas spey reel and have not had a chance to try it yet. sure looks nice. mike w
  13. I do not want to sound cruel, but a beginning fly fisherman/woman can not tell the difference between a $60.00 rod and a $800.00 rod. Buy the the cheap one, and if she gets into it, then get a nicer rod.

  14. The hell they can't. Said person will clearly see on there online banking whether there will be 60.00 dollars less or 800.00 less in his or her account. PFFT.
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  15. "is you is or is you ain't my baby?"

  16. Yes and no. If the $60. rod is total crap, it makes it hard to learn. People will give up out of frustration. Try to learn a musical instrument on a piece of crap. It can be done, but most will walk away.
  17. The bigger question is whether their tractors and lawnmowers are any good. Yup, sure enough, right there in my most recent catalog. Damn, as soon as they add groceries, I'll never have to shop at another store. :D
  18. Today i looked at a eagle claw 8.5 footer 5wt and it was stiff very fast and for some reason it didnt want to break down, online it said 2 pieces but i tried both models of the black eagle fly rod and it didnt get taken into 2, but i decided to share it with you all, first time i saw my walmart having a fly rod, lol even if it was $20.00 new, lol so the cheapest one wont do for my friend. :)
  19. Akuriko, be honest now, is this thread really about buying a flyrod or is the flyrod purchase subtext for anxieties about going on a date?

    If it is the latter, chill, relax, have fun, practice talking with the girl.
    If it is the former, man up, buy a rod.

    Maybe the whole decision would be easier if you value your time higher, at minimum say $15 an hour. How much time have you spent worrying about the 5 weight? That is the cost of your decision, not the list price of your rod...
  20. I acually am looking for her, i own a few fly rods myself, she has a hard time making decisions.

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