Is it just me ??

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  1. Good to know. We got off the water at about 11 today, and there was nothing going on. But that's the time I had to fish, so I guess it was better than nothing!
  2. If your're not catching fish, either they aren't there, or you're doing something wrong or in-effective. If you don't have the determination to catch fish without a guide you aren't cut out to be a fisherman. The joy of fishing is figuring out how to make it work...on your own!
  3. For my own part I agree with this. But I might be uncomfortable telling someone else what fishing should be for them!?!
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  4. Last week was a great learning experience for me. I spent a day with a guide on the Yakima. I caught quite a few fish and learned a whole lot more. The next morning I spent an hour or so with a member of our party who teaches at a fly fishing camp for The Fly Shop in Redding, CA. I am a much better fisherman but still not a good fisherman. During a 5 day period where I fished 4 days I began to get just an inkling of what it means to fish.
    I started this activity because it is one where I can continue to learn as long as I do it. I love every moment that I am fishing, even when I am frustrated and unsuccessful.
  5. When I free up Ill send you a pm. Thanks Jason

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