Is it time for grasshoopers along the bank?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Got my grasshopper patterns out and ready to get them wet. Might have to go over the hump.
  2. yes, mother of god yes. i saw the most grasshoppers ive seen in a single day so far this year the other day. the numbers are at their peak, the biggest ones have showed up, and the grassy banks are all way overgrown making plenty of nice undercuts for hungry fish to sit under.
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  3. Do hamburgers draw flies to a picnic?
    Does Marie Antoinette wish she hadn't said "let them eat cake"?
    Did Debbie really do Dallas?
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  4. The score is not in on Debbie!
  5. 3 weeks ago it was.
  6. I never have much luck fishing hoppers. Everyone else seems to, though.
  7. nope BWO time
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  8. Your must be joking right... if you can't catch a fish in the Gallitin off a hopper you might want to take up golf.
  9. I have caught a few fish on hoppers, but nothing near the hype. Much of my fly fishing has been in areas with few hoppers, so maybe it's an issue of small sample size. Tricos, on the other hand...
  10. Gotta be your location and timing....when you are on fish looking for hoppers, there is nothing like it.
  11. Yeah,but, they don't go SPLAT when they hit the water. Well, usually they don't
  12. Well I finally saw a few hoppers yesterday. The first I've seen this year. While everybody else is seen them in droves I have seen only a few of them. Usually in July I see them hanging off the grass and bushes. Not this year. They are late in showing up.
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  13. It's been hopper time for the past month!
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  14. Five inches makes a big difference in catching versus casting a lot. Tie a big old hopper on 3x or even 2x and throw it to land in the grass. Short rounds will hit the bank or near the bank and the ones that make it to the grass can be ripped back to the water. You may even get a few fish to come out of the water and grab them in the air. Three inches from the bank is the target!
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  15. Sadly, pretty much everything I cat goes SPLAT, and that's on a GOOD cast!

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