Is lamiglas making 'honey' rods in 6pc any more?

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by Josh, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know of a source for the Lamiglas honey rblanks/rods in 6 piece configuration? All I can find are 2 pc blanks:

    I really like my 4wt 6pc and would happily get another in 4wt and maybe 3wt if possible.
  2. I recall seeing a post a year or more ago on the FFR forum that the 6pc and 3pc blanks were discontinued.
  3. Not much of a help, but I saw one of the 6pc blanks sell on the site of the great unwashed masses a few weeks back.
    I also don't believe they're still being produced either.:(
  4. A shame...ah well.

    I guess I'm going to have to resort to researching light graphite travel rods.
  5. Too bad. The 6-piece rods were ideal for backpacking.

  6. That is exactly why I want another one. The one I have was theoretically built for "my son" by a friend of mine. And while in some ways, it was more then thought than the reality as far as it being "his", I still feel a little bit bad when I'm using it like a backpacking small creek rod and holding it between my teeth as I boot ski down some sketchy moss covered boulder.

    So I was hoping to get one for "myself".
  7. Lami Honey = Meh...IMO too-floppy tips. Get a Steffen, Scott, McFarland and you'll fall in love.
  8. Right, but that's sort of like saying "Toyota = Meh...IMO too much roll in the corners. Get a BMW, Audi, Lotus and you'll fall in love."

    The rods you mention are 2, 3, and even 4 times as expensive as the humble Lamiglas Honey. And that's fine, if anyone here has that money to spend, god bless you for it. I am sure they are great rods and deserve all the praise they get. But small light fiberglass rods for use in small Northwest Cascade streams is not where I'm putting my "expensive fly gear" money. My small stream rods get used roughly and perhaps even foolishly. I'm always climbing over, through, under or between something and chances are good that at some point I'm going to snap a rod because of it.

    And on top of that, the places where I fish with these rods, 2-4x the price wouldn't come close to bringing me 2-4x the fish (or even casting enjoyment). The Lamiglas rods are doing fine for me at the moment.

    Well, they would be if I could buy them any more. But you know what I mean.
  9. Yeah, but you could buy a Steffen used for about what a Lami costs new.
  10. Really? I didn't know any of those brands made a 6-piece rod . . .

  11. That's true Kent, you got me on that one. I had switched over to talking price and forgot about Josh's configuration need. OK, so then he's got to wait for a 6pc Lami to hit the secondary market.
  12. I was going to mention that as well, but like Lugan, switched over to the price thing.

    However, to be fair, McFarland's website says:
    Which to me, implies that they could/would give you a 6 piece rod/blank if you wanted to pay for it. Though that could be wrong. And of course, that brings us back to the ~3x price issue.
  13. Wasn't trying to 'get' you, but rather bemoan the fact that the 6-piece config appears to be unavailable going forward. I can't believe the market for multi piece rods is so small that it's not worth a manufacturers' time and efforts to make one.

    BTW, my own Lami will be joining me on a trip to a favorite mountain lake next Thursday. I'm excited about the prospect of fishing it again.

  14. Exactly. I bought my 7' 6" Lami blank several years ago for right about $110 shipped. I spent another $80.00 for components and to have a friend assemble and wrap it. The little plastic tube the blank came in became it's rod tube and all I had to come up with was a sock.

    By comparison, at a lot higher initial cost for a new McFarland rod, you'd need to kick in another $75.00 to have it reconfigured as a 6-piece.

    The McFarland likely has a more sophisticated action, but for a specialized rod I use at most just 2-3 times a year, the price premium seems prohibitively expensive.

  15. Yeah, I'm thinking that might be my best bet if I want another one of these.
  16. I own 3 of the 6 piece lamiglas rods and love them for backpacking and fishing small streams . Unfortunately they have been discontinued since about '05. They are worth whatever you can get a used one for. They are out there but most guys that I know are not getting rid of them. I have been offered up to $300.00 for my 7'6" and will not sell it for any price. I know that some guys think these are soft tip rods but they are probably pushing the rod too fast. Let it unload at it's own pace and it will deliver nice loops consistantly.
  17. Could you cut the blank and make it what you want? I imagine going from a 2 to 6 might not be easy (because of where the blank was cut originally) but would it be impractical to get close? I've never built a rod, so forgive me if my question is absurd.
  18. Absolutely right. And compared to some of my bamboo rods, my 6-piece Lami 7'6" 4wt is a rocket!


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