Is the Green RIver Closed Below the Highway 18 Bridge

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Canedawg, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. I cannot find my regulations, and it used to close on the 15th of August, and then it was moved to the first of August. Now for some reason I was wondering if it was closed the 15th of July. I wanted to fish it around Issac Evans Park. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, mark.
  2. I might be old---but I'm good.

    Not knowing the area but I have read the regs. And it says that the river closes on the 31st of July. Below the Auburn-Black Diamond Road Bridge. I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks Jim, I stopped by Fred Meyer and picked up a copy of the regulations this morning before I fished. I hooked one small trout, but I did see a nice fish roll, but I could not tell what it was because I was about 50 yards away. I suspect there may be a few salmon in the lower river already.
  4. BEWARE OF HOMELESS THAT LIVE THERE! Last time I went anywhere by the Green River near Auburn/Kent area my car and others got broken into. If you do fish there, please fish to where you can see your car or hear your car if you have an alarm. I consider this part of the Green really Trashy, unless you go way up the river around the Palmer Kanasket State Park area which is pretty clean, as far as people and surroundings. Good luck and be careful! :TSKTSK
  5. I believe they close the lower river to protect the kings that are starting to come up. Last year when I was looking for steelhead in the upper river above the H-18 Bridge, I saw several spawning kings. The Green is so over fished that they want to keep everyone from snagging and harassing the Kings. They are even employing new special bobber only rules this year near the river mouth so when the Silvers come in, the snaggers in Seattle will stop chucking monster treble hook's at them. I live near the Green (in Covington) and I am always disgusted on what I see going on there. Last year on the upper green near the Tacoma headworks, there is a railroad bridge. I was in the canyon below and a husband and wife were on the other side. The Husband was fishing and the wife was just sitting there. Some @#$% kids decided to pee from the bridge on the lady. Their fishing trip was ruined and so was mine. I would rather drive for two hours and fish where there are fewer people and have a quality fishing experience (even if I don't catch anything) than put up with what I see on the Green. I will say this though. On October 16 and for a few weeks after, you will still find me at my favorite hole in the river attempting to get the fussy Silvers to test my 8 wt.
    If you want to see some combat fishing, go the Meat Hole (where Soos Creek come in) and check out the Zoo on October 16th. Even before the 16th you will see lots of people breaking the rules and fishing above the 277th Bridge.

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