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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Anil, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. It appears I was wrong... They are earlier than normal. Over the last
    several days pinks have been showing between Des Moines and Browns
    Humpy mania begins: enjoy!


    Puget Sound Fly Co.
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  2. And a guy called me last week to say that he had counted about 40 with their noses at the gates in Hoodsport.
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  3. like I said at the shop the other day, pinks will be here on the 20th
  4. I was at the Dash Point Pier yesterday around 11:00 a.m., where I saw 7 Pinks caught in about 2 hours.
  5. Tongue hits the floor!! Hey Anil I'm going to Tahiti in a week...u know of any good guides?
  6. The stretch between the park and pier at dash point is private, right?
  7. geez anil thanks for blowing up my spot;)
  8. My brother went about this time last year. Take the DEET.
  9. That is correct. But, if you talk nicely to me and the other owners, keep the noise down, don't leave any garbage on the beach, and don't pee on the beach, you can most likely fish it. Do nice.;) And keep in mind that the fish are not there yet in any numbers. The crazies are already there.
  10. Thats not the report I got. There still at least 3 weeks away
  11. Thanks but I stay away from DEET, it is known to cause neurological problems. I am looking into a natural repellant though...thx
  12. I'm pathetic; you actually got me to inflate the boat.
  13. Well, I was down this morning for about 90 minutes through the tide change. Saw only one fish caught in over an hour for 75 people; not exactly stellar fishiong but in the last ten minutes, after I had rolled up and was talking to a friend, I saw two lost off the beach and about four or five caught/landed. That tells me there was an early run school of chrome bright, lice installed, 5-6 lb. fish. It was a small school but promising. In three weeks, they will be in full, true but they are getting ready to stage as you read this. Wait three weeks if you want but you'll miss at least two weeks of the best fly action you've ever had.
  14. So what I'm hearing is I should get my butt down to Brown's Point this weekend... on it!
  15. I would wait. I was at DP last evening and saw 3 strikes in 2 hrs none landed.
  16. The conspiracy theorist in me says you guys are hammering the hell out of them and telling the rest of us to hold off for a couple more weeks. :)

  17. Ya ya at least 3 more weeks. They will be here then

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