NFR It just keeps getting worse for the OU Ducks...

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  1. Just when it looks like they have a chance to squeak back into the title game...

    This happens

    If both teams were given a thousand tries to duplicate how that ball continues through the wouldn't happen.

    Poor Ducks...
  2. Great news... had Chip Kelly still been on the sideline, that would be icing on the cake. Did I mention that I don't care for the Duckies?
  3. I couldn't watch the video, what was it?
  4. Sorry man, I just can't spoil it - it would be just wrong to even try. Try going to ESPN, or Google it. It's going to be a high-light for decades to come.

    The view from the opposite end zone is mint. The rotation of the ball never changes.

    I use to believe that God didn't care about the outcome of a football game. Now.... I'm not so sure. :D
  5. Are you mad because he left?
  6. It is actually University of Oregon or UO, not OU.....just sayin.

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  7. Was it the crazy auburn catch?
  8. Auburn 10-1 in SEC. Stanford lost. Oregon State failing. Florida ST. growing stronger winning big. Yeah not going Ducks way.....
  9. And to think that the Washington State Cougars only lost to Auburn by 7 pts - at Auburn.

    Things just aren't going well for the PAC 12 in general. I guess if you can't find a way to win when it has to be done... you don't deserve a ticket to the show.

  10. Chuck Knox had a saying that is so true. 'Its not who you play but when you play them!' Some teams with losess at end of season are actually better than undefeated teams in their conference....and outside conference.
  11. Thus, the need for a Div II playoff type system.
  12. If you are willing to give up the bowl games, then yes. But don't expect fans to fly around not knowing where they are going until the week before, and how many times will they fly out? Most college students, alumni, and fans can't afford multiple trips. Think of the nightmares trying to plan something big with 6 days notice. No more week long trips enjoying the surroundings and helping the local economy of such named cities before a bowl game. Under play-off system you might be in Colorado one saturday and texas the next saturday. The pageantry of bowl games, the rewards to fans and players will be lost. Bowl games are a reward to all involved for a well played out season. A play-off system robs them of this, yes smaller schools do it but they don't carry the weight of the larger universities. I'm against it. Let the college game remain as is and save playoffs for the pros!!!!
  13. You know why you're argument doesn't work?

    Because they have been doing it for decades at the Div II level with sell outs, and ESPN TV contracts. It's not about the 10% of the seats, filled up by students. It's all about the $$$, and that's why we haven't had them thus far.

  14. D2 does not sell out, plus maybe only championship on espn in tv contract.
    In D-1AA When EWU won the national championship they had 13,000 in attendance at a 22,000 seat stadium. Attendance at D2 and D1-AA games are usually dismal. They are played on a home field, a team host the game. Many students are on holiday breaks, gone, and student section is weak. Few travelers for visiting team. Many schools in small towns where that is the only event in town for the weekend so those do get some attendance. Been to several D2 play-off sell-out yet.
  15. What I'm trying to point out is you rob the university, the students, the alumni, the players, all those involved in helping a team have a successful season by taking away the reward of a bowl game. The week before the game is festivities, celebrations, recruiting time, and basically a vacation, working vacation for coaches and players. You deny all those universities that ability to enjoy that. You deny all those cities a week of prosperity from those patrons. I don't care who is playing...Alabama vs. Florida State...if stadium half full you lose the importance and ambience of a big time game. I just think it would be hard to fill stadiums up with 80,000 fans during that time of the year and not knowing who is playing who, short notice, affordability for people to travel and attend more than one game....and so on. Lets see how next year goes?
  16. Well, we can "agree to disagree" I guess. The draw of Div I vs Div II is staggering. Div II football is measured in billions of dollars, Div I not so much. There are several TV contracts in Div II, but the school size and audience is 100:1 vs Div II. EWU sells out on regular season games, and all of their playoff games, unless it's on TV somewhere. Most all of Div I games sell out all of their regular season games, even when they are on regular TV.

    As far as fans not knowing where they are going to go from week to the next, would make absolutely no difference whatsoever in attendance. I'd argue that more people would become fans, because of a true playoff system. Ask most football fans why they like pro over college - three letters: BCS, which stands for Bull Crap Series.

    I don't believe for one second (especially after watching that TV segment on college football) that fans, students, or anything other than money drives college football. Do you know what the Rose Bowl Grand Marshall gets paid, just for one bowl game? There's no way that any conference wants to give up 10's of millions of guaranteed dollars every year for a playoff system. Most fans want it, but the schools don't.

    Now, say that we had a playoff system. Say Mich or Mich St have a stellar year...uh oh. Now all of a sudden, the PAC 12, SEC, etc. may miss out on $91 million. Do you think those conferences are willing to give up that money for a true playoff system - where their team(s) might not make it to the next round?

    If people want to keep college football where it is at, fine. Just don't label a team "National Champions" because 13 guys and a computer say they are. Even after this "Plus One", four team playoff, lends itself to 13 guys and a computer to decide who those four teams are going to be.

    Heck if the NFL did that, then we may have never had that unbelievable Super Bowl five years ago. They would have just given the trophy to the Pats, and the Giants wouldn't have even been in that game - the only team that could beat them. They almost did it at the end of the regular season, remember? If they ran the NFL the same way, the Giants would have never been "picked" for the championship. They barely made it into the playoffs...then beat the only unbeaten team, and became true champions. (Not a Giants fan, but how cool that must have been for a fan)

    I say, either keep it the way it was before the BCS, no champion, and bowl games. Or have a true playoff.
  17. Don't know if anyone saw the special segment on ESPN College Gameday about the guy loosing his eye sight and visiting the 125 FBS home games (his last was Kirby Stadium in Pocatello) , he summed up college football pretty well by saying something to the point as... There's no sport in the world that people are so invested in, it has high drama of energizing or devastation to a community, its the purest team sport a fan can witness.

    I agree, even if it's from my lazy boy
  18. FYI......Think you got your Divisions mixed up. When you say Division 2 this encompasses teams such as Central Washington, Western Oregon, Humboldt State, etc., Division 1-AA is your Ivy, Big Sky types, Division 1 is Pac-12, SEC etc. Starting in 2014 season you will see a post season after the bowl games. Of course there will be those that feel they were cheated by being left out of this extra post season game. Yes we can agree to disagree, you have a valid point. But imagine Washington State being pac-12 champ :eek: and hosting two playoff games in December. Fewer students around, or its finals time and this is for both schools each week of games. No bands because most are on finals/vacation breaks....I just see a logistic nightmare in keeping the college spirit in the game. (They probably move it to Spokane to get fans) . And it sucks for the teams that finish 10-1 or 10-2 that are left out of this post-season play-off system. There is no reward at the end of the season.
  19. There is no 1-AA football anymore.

    Football divisions are now Division 1 football: FBS (UW, Alabama) and FCS (EWU, Montana.) FBS is the bowl system along with the BCS system. FCS has a playoff system to determine the champion.

    NCAA division 2 is: Central Washington University, etc and they also have a playoff system.

    This year the FCS playoffs have 24 teams with 8 teams getting a 1st round bye. If you have to play a first round game you could end up playing 5 weeks in a row to win the title.

    BTW here is a link to the projected FCS playoff grid:

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