NFR It just keeps getting worse for the OU Ducks...

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  1. Well, I maybe did screw up the DIV I, DIV II, DIV-AA, or whatever, but I still think they create more of a mess than what EWU plays in (their playoff system).

    As far as 5 weeks in a row....that's what the pro's do, and the Super Bowl is in Giants stadium this year (out door).

    If these young men want to go to the next level (NFL), they need to be condition for the next level. I imagine most players wouldn't pass up on the opportunity to play in the NFL - just because they had to play in cold weather for a couple weeks, and that depends on where you play the playoffs.

    I'm not arguing your point, per se'. Just tired of "Who's really #1, #2, etc. Can't have a true champion, until there is a true playoff.

    That's my angle, and I'm right. I'm also the best fly fisher in the world, always right on politics, and God sometimes asks my advice on stuff. :rolleyes: :p :D
  2. Dan Nelson,

    Thank you for simplifying the link to the Auburn game.

    I don't know how to do that kind of stuff. I'm a cuputur dork.
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  3. True...still in old school thought.
  4. Funny stuff. The only problem I see is the 98.5 percent that never will play professional football. What are they preparing for? ;)

    Besides it makes good bar discussion....Miami or UW in 91? :oops:
  5. I think it's more like 99.98%.

    Seriously though, you're statement is strange. I would bet you any amount of money, that if you went and asked any of those 99.98% that didn't make the draft, and tell them "Hey, we're looking for one more guy - want to try out?" 98.9998 % of them would say yes.

    Just because they're not going to get drafted, doesn't mean they don't want to go. Thus, they prepare for the off chance, (play hard) for that shot of a lifetime.

    As far as the Miami and UW in '91. The Dawgs couldn't go play Miami, even if they wanted to - and they did want to. But the committee (law of the land at the time) was that the Big 10 Champion and the Pac 10 Champion had to play in the Rose Bowl. Nowadays, they can opt out for a shot at the title game. <- Most people do not know that fact. Since then, not one team has opted out for a shot to prove themselves - again, because (like a playoff) they want to be champs, not just go to a bowl game.

    By the way, (not a Dawgs fan) but UW got seriously screwed over that year. They ended up "sharing" the title that year with Miami.

    P.S. And don't get me started on the Heisman trophy. That has gone the way of the Noble Peace Prize... :mad:
  6. No..not strange statement. 80 percent realize they have no chance and want a good career and use that scholarship wisely. 15 percent think they can....quickly realize physical/mental measurements don't allow it. 4 percent struggle trying to make it for a few years in non-sense leagues. And 1 percent make it...or whatever the figure is. i think you be surprised how many play to get the scholarship and have no intention of playing pro. It is a job to them and it pays the tuition, not a passion, but just a job. ....and a job they care to not to continue! And I do know that...not just guessing. Played 17 years total . 5 in college and one in one of those-non-sense leagues! Football will be done soon. With head injuries and medical discoveries football will be banished in many school districts at the HS level and will continue an upward spiral. But that is a whole different discussion.
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  7. What about in 2011? Oregon played Auburn for the national title.
  8. I think there is a chance the Ducks can sneak back into the BCS title game. It’s a slim chance, but a chance.
    #1 Alabama will have to lose to #6 Auburn- plausible
    #2 Florida State isn’t losing to anyone, based on their remaining schedule.
    #3 Ohio State will have to lose to #13 Michigan State- plausible
    #4 Baylor will have to lose to #10 Oklahoma State- plausible
    #5 Oregon. . . in holding pattern.

    Fight On Trojans!!
  9. #5 Oregon. . . in holding pattern to see how far Alabama drops.
  10. Exactly. Since the BCS has been in place, teams can apt out of the Rose Bowl for a shot at the title. In 2011, Oregon could have played in the Rose Bowl, but they went for the title game instead.
  11. You know FLYFLICKER, you may be right. Although sadly I think, if Alabama were to lose to Auburn....they'd fall way, way, waaaaay down to #4 - just like what happened last year, remember?

    Last year #2 Bama lost at home to #17 Texas A&M, and fell clear down to #4. #1 Oregon lost to #14 Stanford at Stanford, (in O.T.) and fell to #9 (some polls had them at #7). After their next win they went to #5, but it was too late then... What a joke. BCS = Bull Crap Series

    But I like the way you think ;)
  12. If you look at the top 10, I can’t see a single 1 loss team jumping Oregon into the #2 spot, not even Auburn. So let’s say the stars align and everybody, with the exception of FSU, takes one in the pants. This is how I see things shaking out.

    #1 Florida State- was #2
    #2 Oregon- was #5
    #3 Auburn- was #6
    #4 Alabama- was #1
    #5 Clemson / Missouri- was #7 / #8
  13. Why would a 1 loss bama team fall behind a 1 loss Oregon team?

    I see lots of Oregon fans cheering for bama to lose but that doesn't even matter for them. Bama and Oregon were 1-2 when undefeated and there was no way that was going to change if both won out

    In fact, if auburn beats bama in the iron bowl, both would probably be ahead of oregon. If anything oregon fans should be hoping bama wins out
  14. Well... that certainly explains some weird-ass stuff going on these days:)
  15. They're "supose" to take in consideration, how a team wins, if/when they win - (BCS committee). Auburn won their last game, arguably, on a play that could not be duplicated if both sides tried 100 times to do so. Again, they're "suppose" to take that into consideration.

    With that in mind, the majority of the voters (last year) when Bama lost to Texas A&M - they said that it was a close game (even thogh they lost at home) - and it shouldn't go against Bama's "overall" standing. However, Oregon loses on an away game, in overtime.... not so much. Same goes for Auburn, just like Bama.

    This year, Oregon for 1 or 2 weeks got jumped by Florida St, and both teams won their previous games. Neither team played a ranked opponent, or a team that had beaten a ranked opponent, so it should have been a wash - but FL st jumped over Oregon. That would NEVER happen to an SEC team.

    But you are very right about the outcome "wishes" for Oregon. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that Bama is going to fall outside the top 4 if they lose. The BCS "gods" won't allow that to happen. I would argue, that if it were a PAC 12 team n the same position...they'd be out! We just watched it happen with OR vs Stanford (#2 vs #4).

    Oregon should cheer for Bama, because Auburn will fall farther than Bama would, with a loss.

    And FLYFLICKER, there is no way (sadly) that in your scenario, that they would put Oregon ahead of Ohio St and/or Baylor. Not because they don't deserve it, but because of, well,'s the PAC 12.
  16. What? The times that FSU jumped Oregon were immediately after they beat #3 Clemson 51-14 (first week of bcs) and then again after beating #7 Miami 41-14. Clemson and Miami were both undefeated going into those games....

    Not trying to defend the system but just trying to clarify some misinformation is all
  17. If Auburn beats Alabama, they'll undoubtedly pass Oregon (the difference between the two right now is only .006 points). Oregon would get either ASU or UCLA in the conference championship game, and Auburn would most likely get Missouri. Auburn would gain way more there if both teams won their respective title games, so no chance of Oregon retaking the lead from Auburn. So, for the Ducks to make it, all of the things you say have to happen, plus Auburn would have to lose the SEC championship game, and that will most likely be against Missouri. If Missouri wins out, they'd add big wins over Texas A&M and Auburn (in the conference title game), and since they only trail the Ducks by .069 points, may very well pass them as well. So you also need a Missouri loss in there somewhere along the way, which means to Texas A&M this weekend.

    I hate the effing Ducks, but if you're one of those that proudly flashes the vagina, it's almost more plausible to hope that Alabama wins out, Baylor and Ohio State lose (and Baylor is really beat up right now), and Duke pulls off the massive upset in the ACC title game.
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  18. Uh.... (oops) Good call. Thanks for correcting me on that. It was week 7, and Miami, that I was thinking of, but thought it was Miami Fl, not Uni of Miami.

    I hate nothing more than bad info....and I just gave some :(

    My bad.
  19. I think the 4 team play-off is a step in the right direction and will be incrementally better than the flawed BCS, but until they get to a 8 team play-off it's going to have it's share of doubters. Teams from the PAC 12 like OU, Stanford or UCLA (sans USC) and the Big 10 will always take a back seat to the teams from the SEC. There's a reason why Alabama has positioned itself as a perennial national champion contender - they play in arguably the best conference from top to bottom.
  20. Although I'm a die hard MSU alumnus and Sparty fan, it's not a given that they'll be playing Ohio State. They must win one of their two remaining games.

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