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  1. We began landscaping our yard this year. Turns out we're baiting deer. They like to sample almost every single thing we've planted, except Oregon grape, salal, and various ferns. Oh, and rhodys, they don't eat those. I put up about 200' of deer fencing, and that seems to help. Come deer season, I could pop one in the geraniums next to the front porch.
  2. Living in what is basically a white tail reserve ( just look up deer and Grand forks BC ) I have found that every deer will taste everything once and as there is a new crop of deer every year the tasting just goes on forever.:D
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  3. I agree.

    I never needed to resort to "baiting" (and never would have) in order to be successful in getting the bear, deer, elk, mtn'. goat, or whatever other animal we shot back in the days when I was still hunting. And we shot all of those, including whitetail, blacktail and mule deer.

    I don't know if "fair chase" is still applied as far as hunting ethics is concerned, but it was for us then and I'd like to think it's still part of the program for most hunters.
  4. It's all about intent Alex. Did Bill intend to inhale or was was that just a honest, natural reaction to his normal breathing pattern; did Monica intend to... well, you get the general idea. ;)

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