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  1. I picked up a new longbow at our club shoot over the weekend. It's a fitting arrow-flinger for a Scot; a Border Bows Griffon GL 66-inch longbow made in Scotland. At my draw length, I'm pulling about 57-59lbs, plenty to arrow an elk, moose or bear, and expect to get the job done. It's very smooth, and with an UltraCam 6-strand string, very quick. Unfortunately, after having not shot all year, I can't hit my own foot yet. Can't figure out how to post photos here, so maybe either Jason or Ed will come over one of these days for a visit and they can walk me through the process (HINT!!). This makes a total of 6 bows for me, and three for her Ladyship. We're a well-armed medieval household!
  2. Alex you already probably know this but Border makes some of the nicest recurves and long bows in the world. I still have my Super Black Douglas recurve I purchased in 1996.

    I toured the Border archery plant in 1997 when I was in Scotland. impressive operation. post some pics
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  3. Heck, point me in the direction of some turkeys in your area and I'll come visit and post all your photos for you.:D
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  4. Congrats, ye bonnie Scot! Wish I could still shoot mine . . . damn weenie shoulder anyway.
  5. Jim, you ought to get that fixed. Walked all over Rocky Ford yesterday in my tennies, even ran into Gary Thompson. The foot's working fine now!!
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  6. Ya, and I saw Alex catch a fish too.
    Good to see you out and about also.
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  7. Looked into it Alex . . . rendon damage (old, old damage; I had no clue 30+ years ago). Lousy odds. I can use it (off-arm) & full range of motion, but there's just things I can't/don't do anymore.
  8. Living proof! Thanks, Gary! Now Ed can't give me shit anymore:D
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  9. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything that would stop Ed from doing that.
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