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  1. Hi all,

    I'll be in Jackson for a family vaca next week. Super excited since this will be my first time in the area! We'll actually be staying out of town a ways in Wilson near the Teton Village Ski Resort.

    Anyone willing to lend a hand a point me in the right direction as far as moving water is concerned? More than likely, I'll have early morning and evening time slots available to get out, and the possibility of a full day float one day. With it being a "family" vacation, my wife is telling me that's where most of my time should be spent:) Feel free to PM.

    Also, any recommendations on great places to stop in for a burger and beer? We're not high-end people, so local dives with good food and atmosphere is more what we're looking for.

    Thanks, Jase
  2. For food, the bbq joint right by the Orvis shop was pretty good a few years back.
    As for fishing, try any moving water that is legal to fish. That is trout paradise!!
  3. Snake River. White water section is good right now. Pretty much all of it fishes well though. Jackson Hole Anglers for a guide.
  4. PM sent
  5. We were extremely disappointed the last time I was there, about three years ago. Jack Dennis' shop had gotten rid of Jack himself, and morphed into a Patagonia store staffed with little cupcakes you'd find at any mall, but with an attitude. We drove in from West Yellowstone, and didn't find the Orvis store, so I can't tell you about that one. The rest of the place looked like a western version of Rodeo Drive. I don't need to go back.
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  6. Alex, I 2nd the western Rodeo Drive! I remember some hot!!! girls walking around in short skirts, flannel leggins, and ugg boots. All I gotta say is thank god for sun glasses.... :cool:
  7. I highly suggest mountain high pizza and the snake river brewery .

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  8. If you are staying in Teton Village, there is a great Italian restaurant down the road (I'll find the name later). East Bank Anglers is also just north of Wilson and south of the ski area. Good folks run that shop. High Country Flies in Jackson itself is where the locals get info.

    Hoback should be fishing well and wadeable. Also, where the bridge crosses the Snake as you head to Jackson are some nice trails and access for channels.

    On 8/1 Flat Creek opens. Definitely great fishing. Heading further north into GTNP, up near the dam, are some sweet spots along the Snake. If you like smaller creek fishing, look for Buffalo. And there is always Granite Creek.

    Have a great time. Indeed Jackson is touristy, but you're a tourist...

    The visitor center for GTNP in Moose is one of the best in the NP system.

  9. Have not been in the area for a long time but back in Middle school we would go every summer and fish Pacific Creek. Always had plenty of fish for my brother and i to chase, some nice Cutties too
  10. Better pack a thick wallet if your going to J-hole, thats one expensive town to hang out in...
  11. +1 on Snake River Brewery...
  12. I did well flyfishing on the Gros Ventre river It was many years ago.
    Good luck,
    Kelly Michelsen
  13. I second this! I live an hour away and can't figure out the attraction. Fishing is good within a 30 minute radius, lots of options. The fly shops in Jackson are a joke as stated above. Might be someones scene, but sure not mine. Trinket stores and tourists.
  14. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the advice. So I'm gathering that Jackson is a bit hoity toity to say the least. I do not have a large wallet, and therefore will probably not be stopping in many fly shops. I definitely cannot afford $3 flies on my budget. With food, sounds like we'll really have to try Snake River Brewery in town and Mangy Moose up in Wilson. Anyone ever been in "SideWinders??" Looking forward to it...a beer actually really sounds good right now!

    With our one day to rent a drifter and float, I've been advised to stay between Moose and Wilson on the Snake to get away from the crowds and guide boats. Sound right?

    With the Snake Tribs, should we be focusing our efforts higher up in the systems, or do they all fish relatively well for their entire lengths? Any in particular you'd recommend spending some time on (don't feel you have to share honey holes, but feel free to PM them to me if you'd like:))

    Keep bringing the love....
  15. Mangy Moose is in Teton Village, about 5-6 miles north of Wilson.

    30 years ago the local hangout in Wilson was the Stagecoach Inn; beer, burgers, and pool. I wonder if it is even still there. I hope so.

  16. God can't see into Jackson Hole.

    rain out,
  17. It's been a long time, but I did pretty well sight fishing for cutties on the stretch of the Snake below the dam at Jackson Lake the last time I was there.

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