Joe Brooks "Blonde"

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    Nicely done flies and photograph. Little known fact about the pattern: It was originated in the 40's by Homer Rhode Jr. and was called the Homer Rhode Jr. Tarpon Bucktail. Joe Brooks renamed the fly and they are referred to as Brooks Blondes. Joe popularized the series but he didn't originate it.
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    Jack, great info. Thanks.
    Joe Brooks was a Patagonia "fan" during 10 years aprox. Friend of famous Argentinien flyfishers as Jorge Donovan and José Anchorena he explored virgin waters in all the area, including Rio Grande for the searun browns. Jorge Donovan said me once (he passed away some years ago) that Joe Brooks was a great teacher for them. The Joe's Blonde (yellow) was on that time a monster browns catcher. I used it many times and still fools the big ones!
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