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  1. I see on the evening news tonight that about 4 months ago joe put most of his assets in his wifes name. Thats rather odd timing , I'm guessing that this incident is about to come a head.
  2. The thing that we all need to remember is that the Grand Juries job is to decide whether or not there is enough evidence to indict. There is no guilt or innocence. Often the evidence is sketchy. It is a difficult job this jury worked on this case for over two years before the decision to indict came.
    This whole thing makes me sick.
    Better get used to this case it will be in the news for the next ten years.
  3. You and i, having both attended that school, know this will never happen due to the two hidden organizations within the senior alumi association. (1974-77 pre med) That institution is one of the largest influential businesses in the Commonwealth, and with people like George T Will, the current sitting governor, several presidential cabinet members and who knows who else sitting in the wings like the vultures they are, damage control will be priority number one behind the scenes.
  4. Stuff like that makes me happy I went to a hippie-ass liberal arts college. Secret alumni organizations at Evergreen are just old guys who trade bootleg tapes of Grateful Dead shows and sell each other weed.
  5. It's the Amish Factor. Not all but a lot of the women are married about that age. With a higher age of consent, it would interfere with their religious and cultural customs.
  6. Josh,
    wish it werent so but it is. being the eldest son of a retired BG i was prime recruitment material for that shit. I decided i didnt want to play and left. Probly smartest thing i did as a teenager.

    Got any dead head stickers left??
  7. Ok, levity aside.

    I do not agree with the way any of this has, is, was handled. wrong is wrong. that includes convicting in a court of public opinion.
    I do not believe the removal of certain persons will do enough, nor do i think all the right ones have been removed. how many of them will turn out to be or have been enablers for Sandusky remains to be seen. has this investigation also been extended into the charity he operated?

    Paterno has been in failing health for years. Probably moved his assets into his wifes name as part of estate planning. my parents did the same thing. saves the family from getting robbed by the state when the old folks and heads of households pass on.

    But, do you really think he'd survive the emotional stress of a trial on the scale of what will come? I'm not saying have pity on him because he is old, but where is the line on this one drawn? we've prosecuted nazi war criminals older than him. and jailed them. do we treat this the same? Paterno may or may not have done full due dilligence, but we still have to focus on the rest of the criminals who are attempting to walk away with golden parachutes or hand slaps or scot free. It won't undo the tragedy that was perpetrated against all those young kids, probably nothng will, but focus needs to be put in the right places and from what i see, right now there are a lot of "right places" to still be uncovered.

    having said all that;

    there is a nice Federal prison just down state route 45 at Lewisburg. about 40 miles from the main campus. abuts my late grandfathers farm in fact. Jimmy Hoffa used to live there. Bill Long, the guard of Escape from Alcatraz fame lives just up the road a bit. maybe a guided tour of G wing, where the worst of the worst are housed, is in order for all involved. The late Gov. Shapp did that with the militants from MOVE who remained alive after the Philly police fire bombed their apartment block commune back in the 70's. Funny how so many of them suddenly turned states evidence..

    Commonwealth of Penna. vs. whom?
  8. IMO, he emailed his friends and told them that in an attempt to not look like a spineless piece of crap.

    Can anyone explain this Campus Police thing to me? Isn't that who you call if someone is parked in your parking space? Not who you would talk to if you saw a 10 year boys being raped. Don't you dial 911 and wouldn't they send someone who knew what to do with that information? And the Grand jury report if it's accurate says he just left...why don't you physically take that boy to safety.

    It'll take more than an email to make him look like anything other than a spineless piece of crap.
  9. These days, virtually all campus police are actual legit police forces. Think of it this way, a univ like Penn state has 40K+ students on it's main campus. How many towns of that size do you know who don't have a police force?
  10. Point taken, still looks like a huge potential for conflict of interest if you have someone on the Campus Staff in Charge of the Police.
  12. I don't think you would have to stick a boot in his ass, but I hear what you are saying. It is often easier to say one thing...and do another. That being said, when it comes to kids, I think it would be harder for me to restrain myself than to not act. That's probably why child rapists catch hell in prison.
  13. And now news Joe has lung cancer... wow, can this story line get any worse?
  14. Not having logged on for most of this past week due to things needing to be done for work, I find it interesting that not one person has mentioned the following two things: 1) That in 1998 Penn State's Police force turned over evidence about Sandusky to the Centre County Presecutor and the prosecutor chose not to file charges; and 2) In 2002 there was more stuff turned over to the Centre County Prosecutor, and he again chose not to file charges. Then in 2005, this prosecutor left the area and supposedly can't be found?

    On top of this, the female judge who reduced Sandusky's bail to $150,000 had given to his charity and knew him. She should have recused (means remove) herself from anything to do with the case. She has since been removed from having anything to do with the case by judicial review. However, she should have recused herself at the bail reduction hearing and she didn't.

    Some more little inconvient facts. Paterno was just the football coach, he was not in charge of who can use the football complex, the Athletic Director is. Paterno cannot go against what the Athletic Director decided. Sandusky was given, as part of his retirement by the University administration (i.e. the Athletic Director) a contractual agreement that gave him use of the football complex, Paterno could do nothing by himseelf to stop him from using it. Paterno had to go to the Athletic Director to get the contract changed or to ban Sandusky from the football complex. The Athletic Director didn't, so Paterno had his hands tied. Paterno was not the all powerfull person many seem to think he was. He had to answer to the Athletic Director and the university administration. So Paterno did what was the best thing to do when told by McGuiry, he went to the that Athletic Director because the Athletic Director had the authority to ban Sandusky from using the football complex, Paternon didn't have that authority despite the misperceptions of the public and the media not reporting things correctly on this.

    He also reported it to the VP who oversees the University Park police. If this isn't the police chief, he is surely the police commissioner, not a city council member who shares oversight of the police with the rest of city council. Quite the contrary, he was solely responsible for overseeing the University police force. I.e. there was no one higher than him in running the police force. And for this, folks are claiming Paterno didn't report to the police. If you report something to the police commissioner of Los Angeles, isn't that reporting it to the police. And more than that, it is reporting it to the highest person of the hierarchy of the police department. That is what Paterno did and for this he is being villified.

    I dare say, he was fired by the university trustees because he was a very visible person who had been the head football coach at a division I school longer than any other coach in history and because he was so well known for having been there so long and being as successful as he was. The trustee decided to fire him as a way to avoid looking like they weren't doing enough in order to quell some of the controversy and people calling for heads to roll. This is very much like the Duke University Lacrosse team.

    Heads should role. Those of the Centre County Prosecutor who chose not to file charges, not once but twice, the judge that let Sandusky out on much reduced bail eventhough she had a clear conflict of interest, the VP who oversaw the University Park police, the Athletic Director who didn't ban Sandusky from use of the facilities. Paterno isn't among them and he has no criminal charges pending, the Grand Jury found him to have committed nothing wrong (or they would have recommended charges be brought against him, which they didn't), and he reported it to the top two people who had the ability and authority to make something happen, and they didn't.
  15. Excellent points FT. The more I hear about the events leading up to this, the more I feel Joe (and his firing) is being used as a scapegoat to satisfy the court of public opinion.

    Could he have done more? The simple answer is yes, now that we have knowledge he clearly did not have when McQueary reported what he witnessed to him. Looking at the list of characters involved with this debacle, I think Joe may be the least culpable of all.
  16. Sure, all you have to do is ignore that little voice in your head that's saying "Hmm, this doesn't seem right.", and replace it with "Hey, someone else will stand up for those little boys."
  17. Great having 20/20 hindsight to make your argument from isn't it?
  18. Well,... that's what it becomes when you don't act on it in the present.

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