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  1. It amazes me how most seem to immediately crucify Joe and don't even mention the name of the real monster (albeit not convicted) in this story...JERRY SANDUSKY
  2. Don't worry, they'll crucify him too. :rofl:
  3. Many good and innocent people are paying the price for one man's transgression. I hurt for those who are in this position. The worst situation I have seen in college athletics.
  4. i8abug,

    Paterno goes to the police commisioner (i.e the VP who oversees the University Park Police Dept.) and the Athletic Director ane tells them a grad assistent told him Sandusky was in the shower with a minor boy (remember Paterno wasn't told by the grad assistant the Sandusky was buggering the boy) and the two he told do nothing to keep Sandusky from using the football complex. Paterno did exactly what he should have done: i.e. he went to the two highest adminstrators who could do something. They are the ones who didn't act, not Paterno. Yet you claim he didn't do what he should have done?

    You also apparently don't care that the Centre County Prosecutor chose not to charge Sandusky, not once, but twice in a 4 year period of time. He then supposedly leaves Centre County and vanishes in 2005. Seems to me he should be shouldering a lot of the blame, along with the VP and Athletic Director, for allowing Sandusky to continue abusing boys. Yet, you said nothing about them. Instead, you keep focusing on Paterno, the man who did what he should have done. Why are you not yelling for the heads of the VP, Athletic Director, and most expecially, the former Centre County Prosecutor? They are the ones who didn't do there duty and due deligence.
  5. Responding to Porter's post before mine, regarding the student that saw the incident and "reported" it rather than step in and stop it.

    Responding to Josh's post about Sandusky's lawyer having sex with a 16 yr old and later marring her.

    Responding to Porter's post regarding sticking a boot in Sandusky's @#!*% , and how the student might get in trouble if he took action.

    Responding to freestoneangler's post admitting that Joe could have done more, but didn't.

    Responding to freestoneangler's post again, that acting in the present always prevents having to look back and wish you had done it different.

    Responding with the obvious.

    Ft, do you actually read threads before you post? Out of all my posts, I made one comment about the fact that Joe could have done more - in response to someone admitting that he could have. Two were aimed at the student, and one at the cheese-ball lawyer.

    Again, have you actually read this thread? Can you help me see where I say I don't care about those other bozos? I keep focusing on Joe? I don't think it's a real news flash that those other three D-bags are going to get what's coming to them.

    FT, you had several others respond to your posts. So I have to say...what gives?
  6. Still missing the point... it was Sandusky who perpetrated the act, not Paterno.
  7. Read it was in response to FT saying that I ,.... just read his post before mine. It will make sense. Of course, somehow it will translate into me picking on Joe again.
  8. Sadly it seems the world isn't round and bacon doesn't come from pigs afterall.

    In the real world it is or does of course, and they'll get theirs; those who knew, knew, and they did squat. The end, Q.E. f'ing D. It's totally appalling and unquestionable really, to a simpleton like me at least. Abusive or knowing adults in charge of excuse, none at all, whatsoever, ever, never, ever. The money and conflation (i.e. lots of lawyers) around somewhere like the college concerned will extend this for a long, long time but a turd is a big steaming, stinking nasty f'ing turd and there's a lot of them in this and they all know it, but only now! F'off, it's stupid. I'm actually stunned there's a serious argument here about the lack of responsibility or culpability here re who could have done or should have done what or really collectively did nothing at all. A lot of 'grown ups' ultimately failed a lot of kids, as 'teachers' or 'mentors', which to me ALL adults are to all kids ultimately, it's totally tragic. There's no grey area here; most, even just one man should have done something outright to stop this and it looks like no one did. It's shit, if really nothing else it's a real lesson we can all learn from regardless of the bs that has spewed from this. Do the right thing when something's seriously grossly wrong, doesn't matter what. No defence at all to do otherwise, zero, zip, nada. Sorry for the rant but drives me really mad that this is being "debated" in any real sense. Shit, allegedly, the alleged folks all allegedly fished (scented) beads, held trophy fish pics by gills, on the rocks, fished out of season, killed wild troots/steelies out of season, wear/don't wear Orvis and are river/lake/outdoors etiquettely (?) challenged and love democrats/republicans/communists/fascists/whatabooters/hunters/vegans/treehuggers/lumberjacks. There. They're allegedly some heinously bad people so now we can have some consensus and (most) can now truly villify together.

    Again, sorry ranting totally now but very f'd off by parts of this thread.

  9. iagree with what he said
  10. First: I'm pretty sure I agree with you on most of that, though I did loose you at the end.

    Second: If you could film yourself saying all that really quickly and put it on youtube I'm pretty sure it would go viral.

    Third: Anyone who thinks Sandusky is the only villan in this IMO is full of shit.
  11. Hi Jeff,

    It was a stream of thought given I'd had a few beers and got a bit pissed off with it all. From my years of reading WFF, I just figured I'd pick most of the points that cause maximum division and strife within our community and put them together so that everyone would be agree about these fools. You know, soemone pulls a fish out the water and there's uproar, a group of guys in senior and trusted positions with kids may be involved in a paedo ring or covering it up/ignoring it and it's like "give the guy a break!" Stunning.

  12. One of my favorite albums, one of my favorite songs, now has a new sadness to it...

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  13. Sad day for PSU, college football fans and especially the Paterno family. While he had been ailing for some time, I have to believe the stress of the recent events played a role in Joe's passing. I'd like to have known the truth, extent about Joe's we will never know and this hangs like a black cloud over the story.
  14. Today is a sad day. The world lost a great man. Joe Paterno helped tens of thousands of young men graduate college and learn the work ethic it takes to do so while competing at the highest level. He should be remembered for how many kids he took out of poverty. He took kids from all backgrounds and taught them how to work together while being personally responsible to each other. He was loyal and loving to his family, friends and University. He went to his grave in a state of misery and dispare. It is a really sad day.

    I'm not a Penn State fan but I am proud to be Joe Paterno fan. RIP

  15. Well said, grew up a Penn State fan growing up in Northern NJ which has always had a big PSU fan base. A cousin of my fathers who is the winningest HS coach in NJ history ( Warren Wolf) was recruited by Joe a long time ago to come their as a coach but he declined and stayed at the HS level and made history. Sad day it had to end this way for Joe, family and friends.

  16. The best to Joe and his family.
    A class act and we have lost legend.

  17. iagree
  18. Seriously? Unless the allegations against Sandusky are false, Paterno's willing failure to act against the incidents reported to him render him infinitely less than a great man. They make him culpable for helping permanently and seriously scar numerous innocent kids. At least he is now relieved of his "misery and despair", unlike Sandusky's (apparently likely) victims.
  19. Seriously.

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