July fly salon-Baitfish

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  1. Baitfish! Tubes, tandems, stingers, stuff for Baja, local salt, or something you'd swing for a big bow or brown, tie whatever your pleasure is.
    I find a heap of value in 'guide' flies that can be tied on the easy,quick, and cheap so prettiest the fly may not win. Hoping to get a better turn out this go around with the relaxed requirements, so lets see some flies!

    This is a small tube that uses most of the Lambuth Candlefish colors and has brought quite a few cutts to my paws.
  2. I've been working with different techniques for tying baitfish patterns. These are some from last summer...

  3. I'll throw in my baitfish school from 2008, but they may not be considered simple enough to tie.

    My easiest baitfish pattern to tie would have to be this chewed up sand lance pattern (also from 2008).

    My favorite, simply for its resemblance to massive head wound harry, is my flesh wound zonker
  4. Thanks for showing some flies so far fellas.

    It doesn't have to be an easy tie, I was just saying that I'm open to down n' dirty stuff too.

    Sometimes it's not about spendy materials, perfect proportions, or copying some 120 year old pattern to the 'T', it's about knocking together some je ne sais quoi at 10pm for the next days 4:30am sesh, and railing fish on it too.
  5. I've been tying up Spruce flies over the last few days so why not enter my Copper Spruce (long tail:)).
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  6. made a quick and dirty one

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  7. Not exactly quick and dirty, not extremely time consuming. 7 different colors and 3 types of flash for my herring pattern. uploadfromtaptalk1373326016546.jpg

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  8. This fly has been fished over 90% of the time for me at Neah Bay.

  9. My attempt a Les Johnson's Williams Point Sand Lance. Olive over gray over white bucktail with some flash and bead chain eyes. A couple coats of sallys on the front 1/4 of the fly

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  10. Every time I think I might do one of these things, I look at the incredible patterns and think twice. Ok, I'm whipping something up today.
  11. 10-4 buddy, you made a post here, I want to see the goods now! :cool:
  12. My semi-secret weapon...

  13. Here is a Baitfish.JPG
  14. flatwings.jpg

    Flatwings tied with polar bear and black bear hair
    simple and quick to tie
    work everytime
  15. squid.jpg

    articulated Squid fly not as quick to tie but also work everytime
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  16. I call this the Great White Hope.

    Great White Hope 1.jpg
  17. Gene- Have you seen the Hareline articulated fish spines? From their FB page:
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  18. This looks like a killer pattern!!!

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