June Fly Salon - Pink Party!

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by porterHause, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Pinks will be here in a little over a month, so I figured this would be a good time to get the tying going and maybe get some new ideas for the coming madness.

    Old favorites, new ideas...any and all are welcome. Here are some in my box.
    Pink Salmon Flies-1.jpg
  2. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Nobody fishing pinks this year? Sweet! I guess I'll have the beaches to myself!
  3. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    Not quite!
  4. David Dalan

    David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

    I'm coming out to murder slime rockets for sure :)
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  5. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    A couple more samples for you guys to get the creative juices flowing...


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  6. Tony Polizzi

    Tony Polizzi Active Member

    Blow torch fly tying, molten metal clouser nice!
  7. Preston

    Preston Active Member

    Here's my Hubert Humpy; originally tied for pinks in the rivers it has proven to be effective in the salt and for coho as well as humpies. The simple comet pattern is a pink version of Les Johnson's green chum pattern.

    Hubert.jpg DSCF2248-001.JPG
  8. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Final bump. One more week to submit your pink patterns.

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  9. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    Other than a Borden Special, I don't really have any "pink" flies except this one, my Pink Pearl. I think it will work.;) 059_59.jpeg
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  10. constructeur

    constructeur Active Member


    1.Size one Gami jig hook; size 4 owner octopus on the trailer

    2. Tungsten cone

    3. Rabbit strip, with a small rabbit dubbing loop head.

    Though my box has a heap of sizes/offerings like Porterhaus shared in his initial post, we've found anything with the maximum 'jig' action to be the most effective. Mix that in with the fact that my daughter is much more able to fish a float rod at her age, and this 'fly' is something she can fish under a clear bobber (she does dick nites this way too.)
    I'd have no problem using this an an anchor fly when nymphing for Summer runs as well. A sort of jack of all trades pink fly if you will.
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  11. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Nice flies all. I added a couple Hubert Humpies and Pink Pearls to my box, but for pure versatility, I declare Constructeur the winner of this month's salon.
  12. constructeur

    constructeur Active Member

    Hey, right on. To celebrate I'm taking the rest of the day off and sitting in the shade with a cold 'some.'

    I'll have a new idea for July up in a tic.
  13. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    The Buzz Bomb is really a great lure. Unfortunately, it is misused to snag fish.
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  14. Pat Lat

    Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

    might want to make it an up riding hook next time, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the jig head.
  15. constructeur

    constructeur Active Member

    I'm using the 90 degree bend more to assist in the up down action, and when nymphing/bobber doggin' to orient the fly than for the up pointed hook.

    2 pink runs ago I started seeing fish short striking as the morning session would progress. Maybe it was the daylight, maybe I was casting over the same fish, maybe both?
    Anyhow I started tying with a slightly extended stinger, the same as many are doing with trailer hooks on steelhead swinging flies and baitfish flies in the salt chuck, and I can't remember the last time I've had a short striking issue.

    2 more anecdotal stories:

    1. The jig action really is the key IMO. Evan Burck and I were fishing the salt during the last run, the morning was waxing on, catching was slowing, and twice I watched fish follow his fly in (polarized glasses), then he stopped stripping for one reason or the other, the salmon raced to the area, swam around confused, checked high and low,looked under the coffee table and rug, then just hung out until he started his strip again, and pounced on his fly right at our tootsies.

    2. I've caught silvers and a king on this fly whilst nymphing for Steelhead. The stinger loop does wear quicker, and I do hook rocks/wood more than if the hook point rode up, but it's a simple rabbit strip fly, so when they wear out, no worries.
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  16. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    So I really dig this fly, and have been messing with it for use on the beach. Here's what I've come up with:

    1: Size 2 Gamakatsu jig hook (because OE only had size 2) with or without size 2 trailer (Pictured is without)

    2: Large Brass Cone. Initially I tied with tungsten, but tungsten and the beach just aren't friends at all.

    3: Tail: Pink flashabou/krinkle mirror flash
    Body: Hot Pink pool mattress (aka edge bright) over silver tinsel
    Hackle: Purple Ice Dub ball with Hot Pink Arctic Fox, spun in a dubbing loop. UV krystal flash to finish it off.

    Thanks constructeur for the idea!
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  17. constructeur

    constructeur Active Member

    Right on man, glad you like it.
    I also tie it synthetic style like yours too, I use some of the Fishient 'Just add h20' in pink from Patricks, or the Hareline Dubbin' UV Polar Chenille that's also available at OE. Those no name brass cones that Adam found/stocked are a good deal too.
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  18. floydiology

    floydiology board to the new

    OK, Im way out of date here posting a June salon in September but I've got some pink flies. Hey its also cutthroat season so why not post some pink cutthroat flies?

    Pink reverse

    One I call Tillamook Cheddar

    And everyones fav: Bordens Special
  19. Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

    I like the reverse, is that just guinea for the collar?
  20. Tacoma Red

    Tacoma Red Active Member

    Very nice ties and photos. Thanmks for sharing

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