Jupiter 6/11/13

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Only On A Fly, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Fished Bill again ( From San Fran ) his 2nd cast jump's a baby Tarpoon. We get bait & head offshore on his 2nd cast he get's a huge Albie & up behind it is 2 huge Cobia. Land the Albie ( no time for a photo ) & he cast out & hook's 1 of the Cobia, but it spit's fly . 2 cast later he hook's it again only to have spit it again. Next cast he hook's the other Cobia & it spit's the fly throw's again & the Cobia he lost twice is finally hooked & landed. Lot's of Albie's & lost 1 more big Cobia. Albie Bill.JPG photo.JPG Bill Cobia.JPG
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  2. Friggin awesome man, just friggin awesome!
  3. Yes it was just wish we would've landed the Tarpoon.
  4. A Jupiter Slam?
  5. Sounds like his nickname should be "Two Cast" Bill...

    I'd love to catch a cobia on the fly!

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