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  1. My folks retired to the West Palm Beach area of Florida in 1995 and since then, I have been making yearly trips to visit them and go fishing. Until this year I have not done any fly fishing. Last month I had seen a post from a forum member mbowers. I contacted him and told him I'd be coming down during the 8-18 of this month and if he would like to get together for a beer or maybe go fishing. We ended up doing the latter and met up on the morning of January 16th. We fished from about 3am to 8:30am on one of the forks of the Loxahatchee River. I had a great time! I caught my true saltwater fish on the fly. It was a jack crevale. Although small in size it put up a good fight. I caught a few more of them and then went after snook. After many attemps, I ended up hooking one and landing it. It was probably a couple of pounds and put up a nice fight. The snook went airborne couple of times during the battle.

    If it wasn't for mbowers, none of this would have been possible. He's a great guy and I hope when I make my trip next year, we can meet up again.

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  2. Nicely done, Bruce and MBowers. A bit of variety over the salmonid dominated fare on this corner of the country.

  3. Thanks Steve. The jacks were fun and it took a little adjust to doing a strip set versus set the hook by lifting up the rod. At one point I was fishing a popper and when the jack hit, it just ripped the popper off the hook. Can't wait to do it again. The weather was also awesome for the trip. There was no wind!

  4. Nice report, those jacks are great fun, just keep them under a couple of pounds. The big ones are like going ten rounds with Mike Tyson.
  5. I met Mr. Bowers myself on a Florida Forum and I also fished with him. Super incredible guy and hardcore willing to pull out and fish in the wee hours. We ended up with some lady fish, some snook, a look down and at the very end I hooked and landed about a 5 or 6 pound tarpon. He ended up sending me a text and pics (probably the same post you may have seen) a couple days later where he and another guy both landed some monster snook in the same area we were fishing.

    I enjoy fishing that area. Thanks for the report.
  6. We really did hit some great weather. That slick calm morning with the multiple schools of jacks V waking for a couple hundred yards down the river towards us is something special that happens once or twice a month in the winter.. The night fishing was actually on the slow side. I was relieved Bruce pulled out that snook just before the sun started to come up and drive the snook down. Hope to see you in the summer Ira, my boat is considerably upgraded from last time. :)
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  7. Ahh, dang it, your boat was part of the ambiance of the experience. Once home I desperately looked for one just like it but failed. Mostly I loved your trailer it handled the boat well for the "looooong" trip to the launch.

    I'm likely in Florida for sure this summer, but there is a chance my wife and I might hit the Keys vs West Palm. I may vote more West Palm now just so I can see your new boat.
  8. Although I wasn't fly fishing at the time, it was suggested I post this pic to show just how awesome the weather was on the trip and what a beautiful morning.

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