Just back from Cancun report on Tarpin!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by BobA, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Just returned from 10 days in the sun at Cancun... Besides all the great food, warm temperatures, clean beaches, super hotels, numerous bars, and friendly locals, we went late afternoon flyfishing in the bay for tarpin and permit. My son Geoff managed to land three nice sized tarpin. We spotted a huge permit-- probably 20-25 lbs... Tried to attract but had on the wrong flies.

    Spot on sight casting into the mangroves with salt water tackle requires real talent... We probably had 10 strikes and landed three... the tarpin like to go aerial and once you get one to strike, then the thrill kicks in.

    I packed a 6 piece travel rod and salt water gear/flies... caught a number of fish right off the beach... when the tide was coming into shore.

    Will post some photos soon... Remember, next time wife wants to travel on vacation--- go someplace that she can have fun, and you can get some quality fishing in too! Tight lines!
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  2. are "tarpins" related to sculpins.....?
  3. Likely baby Tarpon or as known in mexico Sabalo.
  4. Sounds like something i need to work on... i think i could get my wife to agree to a trip to Cancun for some "Beach Time." And its always nice to go on a great vacation with the bride! I dont think it can get much better then a beach vacation with the wifey and some fly fishing :)
  5. I'm heading down there in late April with the wife. Did you use a guide or explore on your own?
  6. I had a great experience in Cancun this past October fly fishing for ladyfish from the surf and went on a guided trip for a day chasing permit, bonefish and baby tarpin. I only was able to bring one tarpin to the boat, but I cannot wait to do it again this year. If you used a guide, who did you use?
  7. I go to Cancun almost every year. A great trip to combine beach time with fishing time! I'm going down April 12 for a week. In the past I have used www.cancunflyfishing.net. We are doing that again this trip. A half day trip to Cancun Lagoon which is mostly baby tarpon and snook. We are going in two boats one for each couple. They have spinning rods for our wives and we usually catch few barracuda as well. Another day we will go with Enrique (same outfitter) to Isla Blanca (guys trip for a full day this time), which is an area where a grand slam (permit, tarpon, snook and bonefish) is possible. Rick

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