Just got back from Duvall

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Snoqualmie is running high and dirty as sin. NO surprise there.

    May be fishable by week end, but I donno.
  2. Duvall? No kidding! How exotic. Did you have a good time? I've always wanted to go there... ;)
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  3. Don't forget your passport, Richard. :)

    Duvall is kinda exotic. At one time it was rustic, now it is exotic.
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  4. Ahh! .....The good old days of Duvall! Hitch posts and whiskey!
  5. Passport? I think you gotta get inoculations too, especially if you're headed to Outer Duvall.

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  6. Go away everybody. Nothing to see here.

    I'll have you know I did just get home from fishing close-ish to home. I also caught fish.
  7. You should probably offer up the details, Evan. To keep the hoards from coming to exotic Duvall.
  8. The chocolate milk you see there has fish in it. They didn't go back to the ocean.

    There, details spilled. Now everyone flock to our bustling city.
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  9. Duvall- I liked it better when Big Rock Rd. actually had a rock in the middle of it.
    And when the Silver Spoon was still there (the old one - in the old Grange Hall!)
    I built myself my first home off of that road a few decades back.
  10. Well, it certainly didn't get better by having me move in.
  11. I am not sure of that Evan. I always enjoy your comments.

    It is good to have interesting neighbors. Now why don't just show me where it was that these fish holed up?:D
  12. How many traffic lights do they have in that wide spot on the highway now. The last time I was through there they had two of them. But that was over 8 years ago.
  13. Still two in Duvall... well, unless you count the one by Safeway, but that little area is not really Duvall proper.
  14. You can get a great REUBEN SANDWICH in DuvalL. Do they have guided tours to the BIG ROCK?

    OMJ, not only traffic lights, they have painted cross walks, with orange pedestrian flags at the corners, and a divided roadway, a boulevard down Main street.

    Ok, so I can't spell Reubens worth a dime.
  15. And sidewalks too!

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  16. About 20 yrs ago Duvall proper started on its path to being a full fledged suburban community. Its been down hill ever since.

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  17. I feel so fortunate to not live in one of those god awful cookie cutter communities. That shit is depressing.
  18. When it does happen you can always move to Moses Lake.
  19. Hey, Duvall Rocks!
  20. Never will I ever return to the Columbia Basin to live.

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