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  1. God damnit why
  2. When I lived in White rock BC ( across the border from Blaine Washington ) I used to go to Duvall once in a while. I found it quaint and the residents different but not threatening in any way.:D
  3. I suspect that Duvall is just preparing for the Halloween festival and
    pumpkin roast. I think I will dress some orange and black flies for my fly box to carry with me on the evening of the 31st. A journey to DUVALL would certainlly be in order.
  4. Jim,
    Isn't that the way it is with a lot of 'flash-in-the-pan' tourist towns? It seems everyone has to go there one year, and the next you hardly hear anything about it.

    Duvall, "Paris of the West."

    Yeah, right.

    Next month it's gonna be Carnation ("did you hear the steelhead are in, hanging below Tokul Creek?"), or Sultan ("Cracker Bar is HOT, I'm tellin' ya').

    Duvall is going to go back to bein' a sleepy little backwater, Tim's B&B is going to have a permanent 'vacancy' sign out, and the crowds at the Duvall Cafe waitin' to order a Ruebens will be gone.

    That's when those of us who really love the place will come crawling back out of the woodwork and reclaim the Duvall we know and love.


  5. Where's the Duvall Cafe, Dick? Must be new, or I've just missed it.

    Admittedly I don't get out much ;)
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  6. I remember driving through there when it was just a one horse town. Or was that a one signal light town.
  7. remember when you got into an altercation in what would become Duvall with Kenniwick man on the correct technique of taking a mammoth down with a clovis point spear and he was all, no way old man, you take 'em with a Folsom point, clovis points are for zombie pink flossing centerpinning bead-hucking ladyboys and then you cold cocked him one right in his massive cave-man simian wanna-be brow? That was nuts...
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    Why just this afternoon as I was passing down Main Street, young love was in bloom. A young lady was taking the picture of a young man, in front of a local establishment. Both had their faces painted with the look of adoration and surrender. It was all so romantic. DUVALL will do that to young lovers.
  9. Gonna take my slam piece to Duvall for our anniversary
  10. Tip the violin player.

    Buy flowers from the little flower lady outside of the restaurant.

    Leave your waders in the car and wear a suit or a tux.
  11. Didn't make it to Duvall this week :(

  12. Alas, I feel your pain, mon Ami. A day without DUVALL is like a day .....
    well, like a day without DUVALL.
  13. So do you say DU-vall, or DuhVALL?

    I prefer the former, as in, "When driving through DU-vall make sure you got IN-surance on yer VEE-hickle."
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  14. I'm getting that song/feeling in my head that Duvall is much like Green Acres..It's the place to be, Duvall is the place for me...
  15. That would depend on which side of the Snoqualmie that you live.

    Those further east would be more prone to pronounce it as DU-vall, but not all. Those to the west, being of a lesser caste would use the Pronunciation of duh-VALL.

  16. This is the only tolerated pronunciation. Unfortunately, more and more people moving here don't get it. Right now we got us a Mayoral race between the incumbant, who has been in office and done a fine job, for two terms. His challenger is a former mayor from yore, and a DU-Vall lifer. It's a pivotal time in town and the future of its pronunciation lies precariously in the outcome.
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  17. Good morning DUVALL travlers. All of the wonderment of this fine city, or rather township, got me to thinking.

    I am wondering what the OFFICIAL DUVALL fishing leader knot might be?
    Does DUVALL even have an official fishing leader knot?

    Aside from the maditory PERFECTION KNOT at the butt end of the leader, what would one use in between the terminus at the fly end and the origin at the butt section.

    In light of the stratus of the social system in DUVALL, I am guessing that the SURGEON'S KNOT, tied in either the double or triple configuration, would be the preferred choice. However, I would not rule out the DOUBLE UNI KNOT, nor the old standby, the BLOOD KNOT.

    Perhaps those that actually reside in beautiful DUVALL, either in town or in the outlying area of town, might jump in with a educated view on the subject.

    As a frequent visitor to DUVALL, I have to admit that until recently I had been a big fan of the PERFECTION/BLOOD KNOT, circle. However, after recent developments, I have become the disciple of the SURGEON'S KNOT. That said, I am not a surgeon, although as a young boy, I did play doctor with several young ladies...
    A surgeon's knot was never involved in the play action, however.
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  18. The Duvall Cafe thing was covered on pages 1 or 2, I don't recall. It's what them foreign folk call the Duvall Grill.
  19. Where the Reubens are.
  20. I think I'm gonna puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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