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  1. I doubt that you are a YOUNG LOVER, Jim.
  2. Hell, I'm not even an Old lover anymore. Wife forgot what she's here for.

    It's like "if your not here after what I'm here after, I will be gone after what I'm here after".
  3. How is the weather over there? If I can ever get this hand and wrist to work correctly, maybe I can get out and wet a line. My wife announced to me this morning that "they" are expecting a big run of steelhead this year. I have no idea of who "they" might be, but I hope that they are correct. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention what rivers, what time and what flies would work best.

    Perhaps a trip to Jensen's for some smoked steelhead would be more productive than a Sweet Old Buzzard like me, flaying the water with a tired and worn out 8 wt line.
  4. The weather here for the last week has been in the 60's. Supposed to SNOW next week. Well, we'll wait and see.
  5. 60 is good.

    Duvall has nicer weather than Woodinville, too.

  6. Definitely Do-vall.

    And while you're there stop by the hardware store and buy some EE-poxy.


    I don't know what they use downtown but here in Outer Duvall we prefer the Surgeon's knot. Both of the surgeons in my neighborhood specialize in large animals.

  7. Yes and I must stop at the Auto Parts store to see about a new battery for my Pickmeup.
  8. Thank you guys for bringing this Utopia that is Duvall to my attention. I was thinking of wasting my time steelheading this weekend for lack of anything to do. But now, I think I will head to beautiful Duvall instead and spend my time shopping in the little boutiques and sampling the fine dining. Can anyone recommend a B&B, preferably one with a spa and salon?
  9. Gala event in Duvall this weekend. Fun for the whole family. Don't miss it!
    See attached

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  10. Tim's Place is the most opulent B&B around. But he may be at the Model Railroad Exhibit today. Perhaps you should contact his wife to see about a room. She does all the important stuff anyway. Tim is important only for the heavy lifting and dressing flies.

    Another thought for the City Council. Perhaps they could convince the WDFW to build a steelhead hatchery on the Snoqualmie, just above town so that the residents would not have to drive all the way to Monroe to fish for them. Might be another TOURIST ATTRACTION for the town.
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  11. A few chapters back in this thread, I was commenting on how much I miss the old days in "Doo-vawll" when the Big Rock was still "in" the middle of the road, the Silver Spoon was still in the old Grange Hall on Main St., and the old growth stumps had whiskey stills carved out of them.
    But does anyone know if there are still those little "A" frame rooster huts, each with it's own cock rooster chained to it- just out of reach of the neighboring rooster? Used to come across those on occasion off some of the old dirt roads in outlying Doo-vawll. I figured they must be steeped in local tradition and must have been a cottage industry practicing their craft in developing fine hackles for tying flies.
    Just reminiscing the quaintness of it all, are there any of those left - or has Doovawll gone totally cosmopolitan and upscale on us in the decades since I lived "out there"??
  12. I wouldn't exactly call it cosmopolitan but Its pretty much suburbia surrounding Duvall until you get a few miles out. I haven't seen the A frame rooster huts since they really cracked down on cock fighting. Used to be a lot of them up near Marysville.

  13. I feel so cheated. I wanted to drive over to the auto parts store and get a new battery for my pickmeup truck. Well, being pro active, I thought I would call and make certain that they had one in stock for my truck. After all, it is an 82 model. Well, the fellow on the line didn't think they had one in stock and while we were discussing my options, his computer went south. Blew up. Zip, gone.

    Sooo, I didn't get to visit the city today. Bummer!
    Maybe tomorrow. :(
  14. DOO-vall needs to establish a cock-fighting league. Lots of folks within the city limits keep chickens, so really--what's the difference? We could do it for charity.

  15. That "industry" was "off-shored" to Bremerton.
  16. I may have an old set of spurs around here somewhere.

  17. I got permanently 86ed from the Duvall tavern for riding my Harley in the back door and crashing into some bar stools. Needless to say I already had a few drinks before I got there. This happened about 30 years ago.
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  18. Ah...only in a true american small town, hard workers, hard players, and numerous young beautiful single women.
  19. That is a good place for it. Besides there is nothing there. I know because I grew up there
  20. But there was the 'Bremaloes'...that is what they referred to as their local women back in the mid 80's. ;)

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