Just got back from Duvall

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  1. The two overhand granny knot for leaders had been a leader in DUVALL for some time. That said, the recent influx of tourist has brought in foreign ideas and concepts. Now the double and triple surgeon's knot has gained market share in the community.
  2. Small steps. Need to work on the improved half hitch.

  3. The most recent owners of the Tavern, who bought it several years ago after Fat Linda (I believe that's how she was known) was found dead with hoards of cash stuffed into the false ceiling, have it up for sale. Not sure what the plans are for it—might could be a fly shop which would be better than Evan's garage. Not that there's anything wrong with Evan's garage—hell, I bought a net there just today.
  4. There you go folks! Hoards of cash!

    Didn't know that DUVALL, the Paris of the Coast, was a

    Well, I didn't either. But now we do.

    Also, you learned that you could buy a net from the garage of our very own, EVAN!
  5. Cold and frost in Duvall this am. I'm afraid with an attractive fly shop that parking will become an issue. How much is it to park in the heart of downtown Duvall now? Please let us not encourage any drastic changes in this modest village.
  6. I do not know. Perhaps Evan will institute VALET PARKING at his garage.

    A new appeal to tourism. Come to DUVALL, have a sumptuous meal, enjoy the view, the cool fresh air, and buy a net from Evan.
  7. A fly shop in a tavern. Now there's a concept I'd like to see. I'd make the long drive to Duvall for that!
  8. The Nordstroms in downtown Bellevue now has a full bar in the center of the store. If nordstroms can do it so can a fly shop!

    Was a genius move tho... the bar is just full of dudes drinking while their wives run around spending $$$
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  9. Didn't make it to DUVALL today. Went to Everett instead.

    Not tomorrow either. Mill Creek maybe. Have to work on my pickmeup truck and see if I can get it running so I can haul logs to the mill. Need to get the chain saw to sing also.

  10. My wife has not told me about the bar at Nordstroms...um.
  11. I thought you were actively retired. What are you doing working your ass off for. I got sore just thinking about you working. When you get old work is for the young.
  12. Jim, I got so many aches and pains that I have to do what I can, when I can. Besides movement seems to help. Especially in the morning.
  13. It sucks to get old doesn't it ?????????? Besides what are you doing getting up so early?? It's still dark there.
  14. Had to take Captain Jack, the wonder Lab, out to water the trees.
    Dark here too, but I am on my second cuppa coffee.

    A friend gave me a bunch of pheasant skins yesterday. I am going to go through them as see what I can use and what someone else might be able to use. Maybe set up a meeting place and give them away. I will never use that many pheasant tails nymphs.
  15. It's 8 AM here and it's daylight. The sun doesn't shine here lately. And it's 22 degrees here.
  16. That 22 degrees thingy will make your water hard. LOL
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  17. and thats all that will get hard :p
  18. HAHAHA. I really don't want to go there, Porter.

    I am concentrating on the water bucket.
  19. When you get my age all that gets hard is your arteries.
  20. Lets get back to Duvall. Any sun today?

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