Just got back from Duvall

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  1. word on the street is the second L is silent.
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  2. That's not supposed to be made public. It's like our secret handshake and how we tell the locals from foreigners.
  3. Dry and cool west of DUVALL, but not much on the sun.
  4. Probably lots of leaves on the ground in Duvall? ..... especially after seeing that picture in this thread.
  5. More leaves in the trees than on the ground, but that was today. Tomorrow we may see a different picture. Doo-val(l) is very dynamic that way.
  6. I've heard tell of a sect of Duvalite nuns, sworn to celibacy, and poverty, who are now ascending in years and lacking in viable healthcare options other than faith, at least until the new year turns. Rapture, they say, is still a few more years away and quite possibly "goin' off somewhere round Cherry Valley... shit's gonna get real...when Old Man Jim returns carrying the sacred Delorme of the Squiggly Blue Lines" These devout, emaciated nuns, pale from a life spent under the dense forest canopy of outer Duval(l), stealing goats, digging truffles, snaring raccoons and studying scriptures have swapped rosary beads for sawzalls. They favor a low slung multi-paneled geo metro, and proslytize river pullouts along the Sky, Stilly, Snoq, Skagit and Snoho. They are fast and agile, and, given their emaciated nature, quite capable of worshipping beneath a vehicle, delivering catalytic converters from evil and using said salvage monies for the purchasing of basic healthcare. they practice what they preach, you can hear that loose fanbelt, cc and muffler-lacking Geo Metro wail like a devil from the seventh pit of hell (ie Carnation) out over the west facing valleys and floodplains of the north Central Cascades
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  7. I'll have some of what Boot's smokin'
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  8. Good Morning fellow travelers. A question for our resident DUVALLIANS.

    Does the metropolis have a newspaper that is printed on a regular schedule? Or is this humble thread the only pathway for Truth, Justice and the American Way to escape from the city?
  9. I think our newspaper comes out once a month
  10. Think Duvall gets minimal coverage from the Woodinville Weekly too. So is Duvall to turn 100 yeara old soon? Maybe OMJ knows? Hell he was probably scouting waters in the area before the first structure went up in Duvall:eek:

    OMJ ever run in to this dude?
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  11. Lies! All lies.

  12. 270 posts on driving thru Duvall. If this keeps up the "city" will have to widen main street.
  13. And the sad thing is I keep clicking on it thinking there must be something to it...

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  14. For those that did not know, and those that had no reason to care,

    Brighter at night, than the Big Apple, LA, or the Vegas strip.

    Can be seen from outer space at greater distances than any of the
    metropolitan areas.

    Well, maybe not all of the metropolitan areas. I may have gone a little overboard there.
  15. Are you forgetting the prestigious and cutting edge weekly Snoqualmie Valley Record?
  16. I'm not that OLD.
  17. I did give away a marked up DeLorme when I moved away and came to Montana. I gave it to ChadK. If he still has it I don't know, because he never posts here anymore.
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  18. Damn! It sounds like Duvall has come a long way! I vividly recall my first visit to this quaint little town at the ripe age 15. My best memory is my visit to the former drug store (I think it’s now a Mexican Restaurant). Upon exiting, I was confronted by the sight of 4 – 5 locals, who were waiting in the parking lot with the intention of beating me to a pulp. Fortunately, the clerk let me and my friend escape out the back door. Later on, another group (it could have been the same people) threw eggs at us while we were sitting in a parking lot. Since then, I haven’t really had much desire to spend a whole lot of time in Duvall.
  19. Good grief. What did you do to them to cause such hostility?

    Perhaps DUVALL has come on gentler and kinder times. Perhaps you should visit again. Unless the same folks still live there.
  20. Nothing that I recall. It was probably a simple matter of me looking like a young punk who would be fun to kick around for a bit.

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