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  1. That was back in the day when our city council members dealt weed on the side. Well, at least one of them did. It were a little rough around the edges 20+ years ago. Duvall has become much softer since then. You're safe to return as long as you don't stay too long.
  2. I wonder if I could get back into the Duvall Tavern now?
  3. Enough green backs at the door, with the Matre 'd, and I am sure you could find a stool to perch on. Probably not the same one Greg hit with the motorcycle tho.
  4. People and places change. From the sound of things, Duvall is not the same place that it was back then. In a similar sense, I am not the same person that I was then. Heck, I’d be willing to give Duvall another chance. Especially since it is now considered "the Paris of the west".

  5. NEWSFLASH - the Duvall Tavern is being remodeled!
    A big sale of some of the fabulous nostalgia from the good-old pre - "Paris Of The West" days is taking place; http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/bfs/4140090884.html

    Antiquing anyone..? Maybe Kerry's bar stool with the Harley tracks on it is still available (it was HE not I, that experienced that unfortunate event all those years ago - this is how rumors get started!).

    I wonder if the lizard cage that used to house that iguana at the front entry is available?

    It'll be interesting to see what they do with the tavern. Perhaps turn it into a quaint sidewalk cafe', complete with sidewalk bistro tables and complimentary parasols for the guests when the climate turns damp. It'll be interesting.

    Two, count 'em, (2) police cars on Main street this afternoon. Some kinda crime wave going on in Gotham City?
  7. They did that sale last weekend as well. I got first pickins and got a sweet sign for my garage and some of the really nice Sam Adams tulip beer glasses.

  8. Are you inviting us all over for some Sam Adams?
  9. Boston Lager in Duvall, Wa.....that sounds so plush... day and time?
  10. Well, we could be a little late for Octoberfest but Winter Lager might work for us.

    Hmmmm, Evan is strangly quiet. Perhaps he is not in sinc with this idea.
  11. I am happy to report that power has been restored to Outer Duvall. I know many of you have been worried sick about it since this morning.

  12. Evan has been out slaying the steel outside of city limits.

    No such Sam Adams brews will be served at Evan's. Only the stuff that was brewed in my garage.
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  13. OK folks, you saw it here first. Evan's Bootleg Brew in his garage, served in Sam Adam's glasses.

    Steelhead on the wall for admiration.
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  14. Sounds like Outer Duvall made out better than NE Seattle; we were without power for 18 hours.
  15. But then NE Seattle is not the Paris of the North west. Even power companies know their priorities.:D
  16. Dick, I feel your pain. We went 9 days back in the big storm of 2006,
    and no generator. Even without, it made no difference, because then the gas stations were all without power also. My neighbors were quiet for lack of fuel. I did breakdown and after forty years, buy a nice quiet generator.

    It did make for some interesting meals though.
    Brings out the pioneer spirit.

    I could not get to DUVALL over the week end. A log jam in the highway did not allow it. I will go today to get my fix.
  17. My wife and I made a detour through Duvall on our way to Bridal Veil Falls yesterday afternoon. All I have to say is that the place looks quite a bit different.
  18. Think of it as a character building exercise or as an excuse to watch cave man TV.

    Duvall was alive and well throughout the weekend. I passed through a few times but did not make any stops other than the post office.

  19. Some poor soul lost his car to a falling tree on HWY 203 near Monroe.

    I heard that he was injured so I would guess that the vehicle was also.

    Saturday was a zoo on the roadway. I didn't get to DUVALL so I do not know how the river was running. The charts say it was rising. So is the sky.

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