Just got back from Duvall

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  1. I miss driving on those back roads. I prefer to drive back road's to driving down freeways. I once drove from Ellensburg to exit 38 on I-90 by driving the back roads. I did have to touch the freeway every once in a awhile. But for the most part it was dirt and gravel. But I had the help of a good map. But you can only drive that way in the summer time. In the winter it's all covered with about 6' of snow.
  2. How long have you lived in that area. You have to search all the local maps to learn the true meaning of a farmer. They know how to get from point A to point B by using their brains. I'm not saying you don't have any. But if the shoe fits.....................................
  3. September 1, 1969.

    It was pretty much farm land then.

    Today, not so much.

    I am retired so I do not have to use my brains.
    Besides, it hurts to do so.
  4. Yeah - but you better sell it at high tide, because it'll be nothing but mud flats where the cows now graze.
    Probably be great clamming at low tide though!
  5. Crab Pots in Cherry Valley?
  6. That BBQ bus is legit! Hog Boss, yes please!
  7. Hey, I missed this. There is a pit between MonROOOOOE and Sultan?

    Where, where, where??????
  8. By the Reptile Zoo. Serving up Pulled Python every Wednesday.
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  9. It's in a school bus, hard to miss! ;)

    That reptile zoo is pretty cool (and random) too.
  10. I've actually had home made python sausage before, though not from the Reptile Zoo parking lot.
  11. I wuz thinking more along the lines of some beef or pork.

    Ribs is good.
  12. While eating BBQ in the school bus, make sure to leave some type of message on the roof with the magnetic letters and numbers.
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  13. Oh, I've left some messages. Probably promptly removed after my departure.
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  14. Youse guys are scaring me.
  15. Pythons have more ribs than either beef or pork...
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  16. Ribs yes, but I think I would prefer the flavor of hog or steer.
  17. Hognose Snake? Bull Snake?

    The hognose snake is a type of colubrid snake characterized by an upturned snout. They are notorious for playing dead when threatened. The hognose snakes consist of three distantly related genera that are artificially grouped together by the "hognose" common name.

    The bullsnake (Pituophis catenifer sayi) is a large nonvenomous colubrid snake endemic to the central United States, northern Mexico, and southwestern Canada. It is currently considered a subspecies of the gopher snake

    Sorry for the Wiki references but sometimes it is just too easy to resist using.

  18. Ain't no kinda snake in my diet, Tim
  19. Perhaps feral snake when in Florida?
  20. I hear Rattlesnake tastes like chicken.

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