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  1. While that would have been a better tale, it was python a buddy of mine purchased at a Vietnamese butcher in Seattle, then ran through a meat grinder with pork fat and spices.
  2. According to some, EVERYTHING TASTE LIKE CHICKEN.

    Except chicken.
  3. I once had a rattlesnake check to see if I tasted like chicken.
  4. That does not seem like a good situation, Evan.

    Have a cousin in Missouri that had a copperhead try the same
    thing with him. He didn't like it. My cousin, not the snake.
    I doubt that the snake got a thrill out of it either, because he
    dispatched it to another world.
  5. A few pages ago I mentioned that Doo-Vall not only has a state-of-the-art sewage treatment facility, but said facility is also adorned with pleasing fish art. Ignorant visitors undoubtedly think it's a fish hatchery, though I would urge said folks to not eat the brown trouts from these rearing ponds. BrownTrout.JPG
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  6. That's beautiful!
    It reminds one of the Louvre in the "other" Paris with all its unique and irreplaceable artwork.
    Does the village of Doo-vall give guided tours ?
  7. As I mentioned on another social networking website in a conversation between Mr. Dog and myself, I think we should start decorating our fish hatcheries with steel cutouts of turds.
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  8. I believe the City of Duvall does, indeed, offer tours of their brown trout hatchery. And like goldfish in plastic bags of water won at State Fairs across the country, visitors can depart Duvall with something similar, though different.

  9. And as I stated elsewhere, this is a brilliant idea. Run with it—I'll be happy to design it, but we need someone with a laser cutter to fabricate the actual art. Perhaps covert night installations.
  10. As I have envisioned many times, that DUVALL is the center of the cultural universe. I would move there if I were of a higher caste and permitted to do so. Alas, I am committed to the wilds of Outer Woodinville.
  11. DUVALL! Just sounds like an global metropolis.
  12. Q: Why don't Yuppies in Duvall drive BMWs?

    A: Cuz you can't fit a gun rack in the rear window.
  13. You could if it was sawed-off. As if there's any other sort of shotgun, right?
  14. What gauge/caliber are we talking about here?
  15. Duvall was less than stellar yesterday as I passed through. The weather was intimidating and dull. The bright sunshine and brilliant colors are pretty much gone, and rain and low scudding clouds are the norm.
    The river is/was running dark and fast. It is a bit higher than it was last week. Rain will do that though. Thinking back on it, a chill passes through my soul.

    A question for you Itchy Dog, when do they release those big brown hatchery fish and where?
  16. A question for you Itchy Dog, when do they release those big brown hatchery fish and where?

    Probably every morning right after coffee :p
  17. Ah yes, but WHERE?
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  18. Cherry Creek of course....
  19. Not so cherry anymore!
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  20. The effluence end point is highly secretive. There is some debate that it is piped upstream to Carnation, where it is sold as drinking water. It is, after all, potable. Or so I am told.
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