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  1. When our youngest was just born, we looked hard at a Buchan rambler in one of those communities. My bride decided that the daily commute into town over Novelty Hill Road was a deal breaker - especially in the winter. Can't say as I regret our choice.

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  2. Where is your spirit of adventure, Kent? LOL.

    That road is well named.
  3. Right here in my pants. Oops - wrong topic!

  4. That crappy Novelty Hill commute is the one thing keeping an all out suburban sprawl from happening here. That, and the floods... and rabid bears, man eating cougars, Itchy Dogs, crippling snowfall, unfriendly locals, and more.
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  5. Buchan/Duvall - something about those two words in one sentence that makes my head spin. There was a day not long ago when a new log structure was considered "upscale" in that little town.
    You used to be able to find inhabited old growth stumps around there. Anyone know if they're still there? Rumor was that they were sometimes used as stills years ago.
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  6. Yeah,but you got Reubens in the Duvall cafe.
  7. In 1979 a 320i was just the ticket for navigating that sucker, and helped to make my commute to Redmond ( a sleeper in its own right back then) all the more exhilarating.
    Snow ? It was surprisingly sure footed, although I eventually replaced it with a 4x4.
    Didn't do well in the floods though.
  8. That barbeque place was good last time we went through too.
    But I still miss the old Silver Spoon!
  9. Armadillo BBQ here now is awful, and an embarrassment to the term BBQ.
  10. The armadilo! Left Woodinville for more aviance.

    The wood smoke smells good though.
  11. Is that the one?
    Geez, I was trying to say something nice about the current state of the situation there.
    I'll try the Reubens next time through. Sounds like a bright spot. What's the name of the place?
    I still like Duvall - lots of memories there, and it's still a cool little town on the outskirts of civilization here in the NW in my mind.
  12. Duvall Cafe on Main street about two blocks south of the bridge light.
    East side of the street.
  13. The Coffee House? Only other place through there is the Duvall Grill and Taproom. I believe Duvall Grill does have a Reuben, though.
  14. The Old School BBQ Bus between Monroe and Sultan beats the pants off Armadillo. Armadillo smells good, but that doesn't change the fact that they use the wrong woods entirely, and their food is often dry and rubbery. It was good the first time I went, but awful the following couple visits.
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  15. You are correct the Duvall GRILL. Don't know why I always call it the Duvall Cafe. Nobody said I was bright.
  16. Screw the reuben... Have them make you a plate of poutine with sweet potato fries.
  17. If you had the desire for "upscale" suburbia Buchan was the way to go all across the eastside at that time.

    There used to be two stump houses that I knew about. One not too far up Big Rock Rd just before it leveled out on top and the other far up Cherry Valley. There were probably more. I don't know if any of them are still there but I sure hope at least one remains somewhere.

    The old Silver Spoon was great. In the summer, Bunny the pastry maker used to put her pies on the front window sills to cool. You could walk by and smell the pies while Bunny leaned out over the pies purposely displaying her assets. Who can resist Mom and Apple pie?

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  18. Ahhh..... Novelty Hill. The first good inland duck hunting spot I had at the beaver ponds. Behring sorta messed that up, that and more people in the state. Some call that "progress".
  19. Somehow I don't think this thread went the way the OP anticipated. It's been fun, though!

    I look forward to my next visit to Duvall more than ever now. Of course, I'll have to remember my passport and get some innoculations first, but my mouth is watering for that Rueben sandwich!
  20. It is all good Richard. I was in hopes that Evan would disclose his honey hole, but alas, it looks as though it will remain a mystery.

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