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  1. I think the mascot is either a mountain beaver or a run over cat.
  2. I see many more "free cats" than mountain beavers so I'll go with the cat.

  3. Shit, this thread almost died. Now if the one word would.....................................
  4. well rookie log is KO so guess this is the last hope
  5. Hey Daniel did you catch a steelhead yet?
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  6. The inane one word contest is still gaining ground in terms of numbers of posts. What are we gonna do about it?

  7. I make it a point to avoid the one-word thread. I've no issues with Duvall. Maybe we should keep this thread going until Mumbles restores Daniel's rookie thread.
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  8. I do not think it has a chance in heck of getting restored Mr. G. As dissapointed as I am at that fact I guess the best thing to do is just move on.
  9. Just the other day, I saw an old friend of my wife's, whom I hadn't seen for several years. She lives outside of Duvall and mentioned that she goes into Duvall every week to meet up with a group of friends. I said, "Oh, Duvall; Paris of the West." I had a hard time understanding the blank look on her face. Why, doesn't everyone think of Duvall as the epitome of culture that we anointed do? I encouraged her to make reference to "Duvall, Paris of the West" next time she met with her group, and see if she gets any responses. I'll be curious to see.

  10. HAHAHAHA, You may lose a friend, Dick. But then again, you may start a movement to make some of the more publicised movements pale in comparison.

    That said, I did notice on my last visit, that the streets were devoid of pedestrian traffic, but the decorations were still intact and the traffic was moving at a brisk pace. Perhaps the fact that it was raining pretty hard had something to do with the situation.
  11. Is this a group of knitters?

  12. Mind you - this term was not inked until the 3rd page of this thread.
    Many folks are still not aware of the little villages' rapid ascent to a place of such high esteem...
  13. I don't think so, but I don't really know.
  14. I believe this is the local Ladies Wine Tasting Club of Duvall.
    A very exclusive group, they meet secretly on Tuesday mornings at various establishments throughout the village.
    Locally cultured Brie is also usually served on freshly toasted baguettes as I understand it, and they've been known to sample Snoqualmie Valley Escargot harvested fresh from throughout the valley (the Stillwater area snails leave a somewhat "briny" pallet from what I've been told, but the Preston headwaters soft-shelled variety are to die for! - but only when "in season").
    Richard; These ladies are rather "well bred", you're quite fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with one of them!

  15. OMG! And I have been wearing my boots and wranglers when I visit.

    I am such a clod.
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  16. Yep. I refused to upgrade my wardrobe when I lived there back in the early days (Duvall had its own sort of "renaissance" beginning a few decades back)and began to feel so uncomfortable in my surroundings that I was forced to leave (the upper crust crowd began staring at me - it was really uncomfortable).
    I'm pretty sure it was Levis I wore though. And the old authentic plaid flannel shirts just weren't cutting it whenever I went into town.
    For all the younger guys on here; we used to wear the old original plaid flannel shirt - long before they became the rage with the Capitol Hill "hipster" crowd that my daughter points out to me these days. I swear to high heaven those are the Duvallite high society we must be seeing all dressed down like that when taking a sojourn away from the "Paris of the West".
    Anyway, you're not alone in feeling that way, Charlie. Us "pee-ons" with the mud on our boots can find solace together right here on this very forum.
    I'll just keep on wearing that old original flannel shirt from Warshalls ("google it" youngun's) and hold my head high!...
  17. You have fettered my fear of inadequacy, Greg. I shall march down Main Street (Hwy 203) proudly in my faded Wranglers and muddy boots. My only shirt is a cotton work shirt with a frayed collar. But I shall wear it proudly.
  18. Don't worry Olive, you're not missing much. The Wine Club bunch are former socialites that have aged out of their skinny jeans and natural corks. Now residing in the Trilogy neighborhood on Novelty they're enjoying their retirement days maintaining important friendships and discussing the finer points of John Deere
    green. So next time you're cruisin' Duvall and happen upon a half dozen new German made luxury cars parked neatly grill to grill you'll know you've bumped the covey!
  19. 'attaboy!
  20. bumpin' a covey is always a good thing...

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