Just got back from Duvall

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  2. YEAH, but Im not classy enough to be rockin cashmere ;) plus I have the little logo on left chest
  3. Now I feel bad. All I have is a moth eaten fifty year old sweater that smells of fish and beer. AND is not even a turtleneck, but a crew neck.

    It is cashmere however. And dark brown.
  4. the Duvall chapter of DOTAR will laugh at us
  5. OH! I hope not.
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  6. Yeah, but Darrington is a little out of the way. Duvall is close to other things. What, I'm not to sure of anymore.
  7. I believe that they moved the Snoqualmie river to Duvall's waterfront.
    Something about Snoqualmie was letting it fall or some such thing. So, in addition to fine dining, metropolitan buildings, and serene vistas,and a burgeoning fishing industry, they now have a romantic waterfront where lovers can go to escape prying eyes and busybody fathers.
  8. Damn son! you classy as hell!!!!!
  9. Duvall showing off its artsy side on the banks of the raging Snoqualmie River.
  10. I did not know that Duvall had an outdoor art museum. I AM IMPRESSED!
  11. Don't let them kent and Renton boys give you shit!

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  12. Duvall is certainly a SHAKER AND A MOVER.
    Going back today to catch the Main Street Parade. :)
  13. Went through Duvall today. Stopped at armadillo. Hot links were good. I enjoyed their vending machine of rocks. Beautiful drive on high bridge road and big rock. We stopped for the sunset at Snoqualmie Falls. Lovely day.
  14. Scored a 1948 Herter's catalog recently at Duvall Books.

  15. What the hell are you going to do with that old catalog. You can only dream about the prices in it. I was 13 when that catalog came out.
  16. So interesting product descriptions in it. Lots of homespun insight.

    According to the catalog, Herters made the best of everything. LOL
  17. Hey, your Avatar looks like an Allen Fly Box. Is it? Your going to need more than a few Humpy's in it to fish Skinny water. A few Caddis flies will do nicely.
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